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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Oh Happy Day!

It's finished,
all 9 shelves, 18 brackets,
and 99 bottles worth...

Ink Circles' 99
Started:  Dec. 22, 2013
Finished:  March 19, 2015

Just a couple of close-ups:

The bottles were 10 stitches by 25 stitches
at their widest and tallest points.
Moose Drool Beer is depicted
by the middle bottle.

You know I had to show a bottle with a dog.
The middle bottle is
Laughing Lab Scottish Ale
(although it's from a Colorado brewery).

I'm so happy this is done.
I enjoy finishing projects much more than starting them!

Hope you're having a good weekend.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March Turtle Trot

It's Turtle Trot time once again and, as expected,
this month's report is much shorter than last month's.
But some progress is better than none, eh?

First up is Summer Logs 
by Needle Delights Originals.
Here's where I was last month:

This is what I accomplished this month:
This is such a fun, relaxing stitch.
If I didn't want to stay in sync 
 with my guild's SAL group,
I believe I'd have this finished by now.
Quit snickering--you never know!

Next we have Dawn Chorus by Long Dog Samplers.
I had made a great start on it last month...

Here's where I'm at now...
Didn't get as much done as I had planned.
But I have an excuse (dontcha love it?).
This was mounted on a too-small scroll frame
which was driving me crazy.
After I had taken it off (it was sewn on)
I realized that the frame this piece really needs
is in use.
So it will have to wait just a little while
for me to finish that other BAP.
I know I could just stitch this in hand,
but it's all pressed and I don't
want to wrinkle it up again.

Next we have Carrots
by Jennifer Riefenberg. 
Here's where I left off:

And here's where I am now:
More bands of "earth" have been stitched.

Last but not least, we have Ink Circles' 99:
Last month I was here:

And this month, here:
At first glance, it may look like all I did
was to finish off Shelf No. 7.
But I stitched Shelf No. 8, too!
And there are only nine shelves!!
This is the piece that needs to get finished
before I can get back to Dawn Chorus.
I'm too superstitious to predict a finish date,
but there is a great big light
at the end of this long tunnel.
Yes, I'm strange; 
we all have our little idiosyncrasies.

To change the subject,
as many of you are aware,
the Nashville Market was held recently.
Last week, averyclaire dragged me
(kicking and screaming, I tell you)
to our LNS to check out the
new Market pieces.
Well, she did have to wait
several nanoseconds 
before I hollered "field trip!"
Wanna see what I got?

Top row: LHN Oh Christmas Tree
BBD In Full Glory, PSS Lesson One of 
Serial Bowl Collection.
Bottom row: Kathy Barrick's 
Good Intentions and Bird's Eye View.
The Plum Street and Kathy Barrick designs
were all from Market.

This also came home with me:
Wow, it seems to be kitted up!
The fabric is a really pretty light yellow.
There was a gorgeous stitched model in the store,
and it just said "spring" very loudly to me.
I intend to start this the moment I finish 99 
(I do have some restraint),
and that's another incentive
to just get it done.

So those are my stitching plans,
with the exception of
a two-day Kay Stanis workshop
hosted by my ANG chapter this weekend,
and a rather challenging canvaswork class
to be taught at that same
enabling ANG chapter at the end of the month!

Go here to find out what the other
Trotters have been up to this month.
Thanks, Claudette, for hosting this fun SAL!

That's it from here.
Hope you are all having a fabulous March.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First Finish of 2015!

Finally, a finish!
From Prairie Schooler's Daffodils leaflet,
stitched on 22-count aida cloth
with recommended DMC.
Finished and framed with several days to spare!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Turtle Trot: All Ten!

Hey Blog Buddies,

How has your February been going?  My sympathies go out to those of you on the east coast of the United States who have been in the path of numerous major snowstorms.  I can image how sick of the snow most of you are.   We had our own little snow event (5th largest recorded snowfall) a week ago, but it's been melting off a little at a time.

It's been a little quiet around this blog during the past month, but there's a reason:  I've been stitching like mad.  (Snow--even a one-day event--is a good excuse for me to never leave the house!)  Since I had no exchanges, gifts, boutiques or any other stitching commitments this month, I thought I'd see if it were actually possible for me to work on all ten of my Turtle Trot projects in one month--and it was!  Turtle Trot is a stitch-along where we choose 10 WIPs at the beginning of the year and show our progress photos on the 10th of each month.  Claudette at BAP Attack is our ringleader.  Some of my pieces definitely got more love than others, but they all got some sort of mini-milestone finished.  Here they are:

1.  Cindy Valentine's Pristine

Last month--it's hard to see white-on-white detail.

This month.
One small triangle was filled with eyelets.
Three down, one to go.

2.  Rosewood Manor's A Tree by Itself

Last month.

This month.
I filled in the outline on the lower right.
This is the largest flower? or tree canopy?
I don't know what the heck it is.
All I know is that this took me almost a week.
And I added a little bunny.
Can you tell where?

Here's a close-up of the Quaker motif.

3.   Ink Circles' 99

Last month.

This month.
18 new bottles!

4.  Laura J. Perin's Nordic Panel

Last month.

This month. 
I stitched the @#$%!^&* metallic ribbon band.

It's always a good feeling to start back on something
that's been sitting for over a half year.

5.  Jennifer Riefenberg's Carrots

Last month.

This month.
It looks like that left edge is crooked,
but I swear it's an optical illusion.

6.  Plum Street Samplers' Liberty Inn

Last month.

This month.
I can't say I'm on track to finish by July,
but it's progress.

7.  Carriage House Samplings' Frederika

Last month.

This month.
Miss Freddi is my favorite of the ten projects.
(Isn't she just the cutest thing!)

8.  Needle Delights Originals' Summer Logs

Last month.

This month.
Still keeping up with my ANG chapter's SAL.

9.  Blackwork Journey's Save the Stitches

Last month.

This month.
Block 1 is finished except for the metallics
and Block 2 is outlined.

10.  Long Dog Sampler's Dawn Chorus

Last month.

This month.
I had originally intended to stitch just the tree this month,
but got carried away!

I don't anticipate a repeat of
this type of Turtle Trot progress next month.
I've been wanting to start a
small project for some time now,
and I have a couple of stitches in to
a Prairie Schooler seasonal design
which I plan to start back on today.
Hopefully it will be finished before the end of the month!
If so, it will be my first finish for 2015.

That's it from here.
Hope you're having a great February.
Thanks for visiting!