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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Leap Year List - July Report

Hey Blog Buddies,

How's your July going?  We finally got some much-needed rain here overnight, and now it's really hot and steamy. Good weather to stay inside and stitch!

We've reached the halfway point of the year, and of the eleven pieces that I wanted to make progress on back in January, six are finished and two are active WIPs.  Here are the three that have been sadly neglected...

From the top:
Kindred Spirits by With My Needle;
Save the Stitches by Blackwork Journey;
Chicago Collage by Lynn Deininger.
Of these three, the top one, Kindred Spirits,
has been calling to me very softly.
I have five sides of the pin cube stitched,
so if I can finish that, maybe I can get going
 on the other small pieces in that group.
Notice I'm not saying anything about
the other two WIPs UFOs.

But, anyway, here's what's been going on since last month...

Tanya Berlin's Blackwork Horse looked like this last month.
I was hoping to finish it...

...and I did.  He's one of the 12 pieces I'll be taking
to the Lake County (IN) Fair this year.
Wish me luck.

I wanted to start (and finish) the "A"
in Prairie Schooler's Alphabet this month, too.

I didn't quite make it.
This block is about 40% finished.
Maybe next month.

I was working on another PS project,
so I can blame that for
my lack of progress on A is for Anchor.

This is where I was on A Farmer's Almanac
back in May.

Now, the barnyard has animals!
I'm doing this on 25-ct lugana over one,
and all that green just about did me in!
And yes, there is even more green to the left of the path.
The linen color is blue, similar to the first photo.

And I started and finished this, too:

La-D-Da's Summertime Roll-Up.
It will get finish-finished into a cute needleroll.

Last month I sketched out the pattern for 
The Missing Piece by Jennifer Riefenberg...

This month I got some outlining done...

And we have two additions(!) to the rotation...

This is another one by Needle Delights Originals.

This is my start.
I think I've done the only easy part.

And finally, last year I took a workshop
taught by Kay Stanis, Copper Illumination.

I haven't worked on this in over a year,
but the good ladies of my ANG chapter
chose this piece as my "challenge" for next year.
The vote was between
The Missing Piece (the smallest one),
Ripple Rotation 2 (probably too "easy"),
and Copper Illumination (the winner!).

This is where I'm at.
I have until the end of next June to finish it.
I forgot there were so many beads (all the flowers).
All I could think about was the blank piece of
copper that needs to be sculpted into a tulip.
If I don't finish in time, I'll owe the treasury $10.
I'd better start saving my pennies.

That's it for now.
Thanks for dropping by.