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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Leap Year List - October Report

Hello Blog Buddies!

How did your September go?  Mine went very quickly!  We had a very warm month here, so my head is still in summer mode and it's hard to believe that there are only 79 days until Christmas!  (Somebody slap me...)

Rotation stitching took a small hit this past month, but I did OK considering I had a few distractions, as follows...

I started and finished this piece by
Plum Street Samplers, one of three patterns
from the Goodness and Plenty leaflet.
It will be made into a small pillow.

In September, I took an EGA French Boutis class,
taught by my good friend Averyclaire and
Elizabeth Janzen, the designer of the piece.

We were given a very detailed 10-page 
set of instructions to create this beautiful needle book.

Here is what I accomplished in class
on the wing of the cicada.
It's just a running stitch--
but there are a lot of them!
Then you take the provided yarn
and run it through the channels,
giving you a beautiful quilted look.
That is the short version.

This past weekend, I attended another EGA class
for Illinois State Day.
Kay Stanis was our teacher,
and Elegant Egg was our project.

We had three different colorways to choose from.
Most of us chose the purple.

First we had fun lacing up our canvas,
then we transferred the pattern onto the canvas
using the tissue paper method.
I didn't take a picture of that in class,
but it's similar to what I did
on Tanja Berlin's horse.

Here is my start on the
Milanese stitch background, 
done with metallic filament
right over all the lines that we basted!
The funky little flower in the lower right
corner was just for practice.
Hopefully, I'll do a better one
on the actual egg.

Speaking of Kay Stanis, I will segue right
into my rotation, and her
Copper Illumination piece.
You may recall this is my ANG challenge piece.

Here's what it looked like the last time we peeked at it.
Basically, this is what got done in the 2015 class.

Here it is now--all borders completed!
There's nothing like a little challenge to get
a project going again, eh?

A couple of close-ups.
I think this piece may go on hiatus
for a little while because
I don't need to have it finished
until next June...

For the past three years, my ANG chapter
has chosen one of the "log" designs
by Needle Delights Originals
as their ongoing project,
and this year is no different.

Here is my start on Spring Logs.

You can see that the logs
don't really line up on this piece.
This should be another fast, fun stitch.

Finally, one or two of you
may be wondering if I had any time
for my Prairie Schooler Alphabet piece.

I did.
My D isn't quite finished,
but I got a good start.
I love starting the day with this piece.
It's so easy, it's keeping me (somewhat) sane.

Well, that's it from here.
Thanks, as always, for dropping by.