I love it all: embroidery, canvaswork, quilting, crochet. So much to do, so little time.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Two Years, Eight Months and Three Days

That's how long it took to stitch
the Prairie Schooler Alphabet.  
And, yes, it's done!
This is by far the biggest project I have undertaken,
so it deserves its own post.

Those of you reading this blog in 2016 
may remember how excited I was to get
this long, narrow piece of fabric that
I had earmarked for the project.

It's kind of hard to photograph the entire piece.
With each block measuring 70 x 100 stitches,
including the little borders that were backstitched
around each block, the piece measures a hefty
216 x 916 stitches!

You can see a bit more detail
with these close-ups.
I went lighter on a lot of the
called-for colors.

I also looked at each chart carefully
to see whether any stitches
were charted outside of the
70 x 100 parameters.
Many were, and my decision
was to edit the blocks
so that they would be uniform.
N for Nest was a challenge because
the birds' tails hung out an
extra 2 stitches on either side.
I wound up shortening their bodies.

T for Time is my favorite block.
Finishing this project was bittersweet
because I really enjoyed every stitch.

The fabric is 32-count evenweave,
stitched 2 over 2,
so the finished size is
13.5 x 58 inches.
And daylight shows the true color
of the ground fabric.

That's it from here.
We're in for some record-setting
cold temperatures here,
so everyone dealing with
weather extremes,
please stay safe.

Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Snowy Weekend... good for eating snow, if you're Molly...

...and good for staying indoors and stitching, if you're me.

Here is my latest small finish:
This is from Prairie Schooler's
A Prairie Year booklet.
I am into small seasonal pillows this year.

And as long as we're talking stitching,
these are the projects that
I'm actively working on and
sincerely hope to finish this year.
Actually, I hope to finish at least
two of them this month:

Minimal progress has been made on the Beast.
But at least those @#$%^&* bees are done!
The actual name of the project is
Blue Jeans and Daisies by
Blue Ribbon Designs.
I'm having a lot of issues with it.
This is definitely not one of the projects
that I hope to finish this month.

This is Needle Delights Originals'
Holiday Delights Valentine's Day.
Would you believe that the small hearts
come from a skein of Watercolours that is
 a totally different color than
the large heart?
And they show up less well
against the lilac background IRL.

So I held my breath and
ripped them out (very carefully)
because I wasn't restitching that background!

And I was careful to avoid the pink parts
 of the thread when I restitched the small hearts.


Here's another little seasonal start.
There are two very similar designs in this chart:
Solitude and Serenity.
I'm doing Solitude.

Last but not least
this one needs no introduction:
So near, and yet so far.
I lightened up the flowers considerably.
The red flowers would have been
the same color as the watering can.
And the purples would have been darker.
The leaves were charted in a much darker color, too.
I'm happy with the changes.

That's it for now.
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, January 7, 2019

First Finish of the Year!

Greetings, Bloglanders!

I'm back already.  I'm going to try doing more frequent, shorter posts this year.  We'll see how this plan works out.

We had a peek at this one in my last post.
Winter Defined by Erica Michaels - I believe it's one of her newest designs.
I'm not thrilled with my attempt at cording,
but it is what it is.

I got my January design (from Hands On Designs)
pillowfied, too!
After this finish, I vowed that I wouldn't
work with mini-poms again anytime soon.

And for you Molly fans,
here she is snuggling under a knitted scarf
that I actually gave away as a gift.
This fell under the "20-second rule."
Hopefully, the recipient has given up
reading this blog.

So, my one-photo post
suddenly turned in a three-fer.
I'll have to work on that.

Hope your year has gotten off
to a great start.
Thanks for dropping by.