I love it all: embroidery, canvaswork, quilting, crochet. So much to do, so little time.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Pandora's Box

We have a finish!

Pandora's Box,
a freebie from the very generous Elizabeth Almond
of Blackwork Journey.

You know how you notice things
after you take a photograph
that you didn't notice
while stitching a piece for months on end?
Well, I've just noticed that
the first and last whitework squares in the top row
are not outlined like all the rest are.
So I think I'll outline them before
this piece is framed.
I'll have lots of time to do that
since who knows when "nonessential" businesses
like my framer will be allowed to open.

Anyway, here are some close-ups...

I do love this piece, but I had to do a lot of
thinking with each new square.
I will be happy to get back to some
good old mindless cross stitch!
And there's nothing wrong with that!

That's it for now.
Thanks for dropping by...
and hang in there!