I love it all: embroidery, canvaswork, quilting, crochet. So much to do, so little time.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Year End Wrap-Up

Hello, Blog Enthusiasts!  It's me and I'm back for a year-end stitching wrap-up.  I realize it was July when I last posted, so we have a lot of ground (get it?  ground?) to cover.  Where to start...?

But of course, the Prairie Schooler alphabet:

I showed the V for Vineyard finish in my last post, and here's the entire row.

And we have Y for Yarn...

...and the ampersand.
No Z.  Yet.
This is the fourth block in this series
that shows a woman stitching,
and the first one who's a lefty.
The stressed-out sewer in S is for Sewing
had her scissors in her left hand,
but she could be ambidextrous.

I finished BBD's Spell of the Moon.

...and Lizzie-Kate's Hocus Pocus...

...Blue Ribbon Designs' Hayride Happenings,
published in an issue of Just Cross Stitch;
I got the frame from Hobby Lobby...

...Needle Delights Originals' Poppers...

...and Boo Logs by the same designer...

...I pieced together a bed quilt from a
Bonnie Hunter workshop!
The actual quilting was outsourced
on this large piece.
I used up a lot of scraps and left-over
fabric with this one...

...this cute little thing was a kit by Hands on Design,
sold exclusively by one of my LNSes... only Christmas finish this year,
from PS's Folk Art Christmas booklet...

...and finally January, from Hands on Designs'
A Year of Celebrations.
This one hasn't been pillowfied yet -
hopefully, it will be before 1/1/19.

I have made very few stitching plans for next year.
Obviously, finishing Z is for Zinnia is one of them.
I have a start...

I'd also like to finish Blue Jeans and Daisies,
otherwise known as "the Beast."
I've got quite a bit done, 
but I just don't enjoy stitching on this linen.
This is an icky photo;
I can't get the colors right on my little iPhone -
it's much prettier IRL.

I have this little design in the works,
Erica Michaels' Defining Winter.
It's going to be another pillow.
One can never be too rich, too thin
or have too many little pillows.

I plan on starting this blackwork piece "soonish."

Other than that, I think I'll just stitch
whatever strikes my fancy.

So that's it for this year.
Hope your 2018 was a good one.
Thanks, as always, for dropping by.