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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Leap Year List - February Report

Hey Blog Buddies,

Happy Groundhog Day!  Both Punxsutawney Phil (the celebrity groundhog) and Woodstock Willie (our local groundhog) predicted early spring this year.  They may be on to something, because we are having a thunderstorm right now!  Near Chicago.  In early February.

But enough of weather predictions.  You're here to see some stitching, right?  Let's get right to it.

I worked on four pieces from my 10-item rotation this past month.  First up is Needle Delights Originals' Autumn Logs:

This is where I was last month.

And this is what it looks like now.
I am where I need to be with this SAL.
(It's kind of slow moving.)
The photos look very similar,
but three logs were added.

Next we have Carriage House Samplings'
The Song They Sang.
This is where I was last month.

Here's where I'm at now.
I've been working on this in the evening,
because it's relatively small and easy.

This is Rosewood Manor's
A Tree by Itself.
Not gonna show the entire project
because I'm unwilling to
deconstruct my Millennium frame
to get the whole thing in the photo.
But this is where I was at last month.

Here it is now.
This photo is a tad misleading
because the motifs to the right
of the largest "tree"
have been there for a while.
The ones to the left of that tree,
on the bottom, are the new ones.
This is going really slowly
considering that it's worked on every day.
But I'm chipping away at it.

Last but not least, here is
Angles by DebBee's Designs,
my ANG chapter's challenge project.
This is where I was at a month ago.

And here it is now.
I am really surprised at how much I have done.
I gave myself a monthly goal of 15 "areas,"
as they are called in the lengthy chart,
so that this would be finished by
the deadline at the end of June.
But I went way beyond that
because this piece is actually addictive.
The only thing that's annoying
is the satin floss, but I'm dealing with it,
and it does give the piece a nice sheen.

So that's it from here.
Hope everyone that's in the path of
the blizzard that's north and west of here
stays safe and warm.

Thanks for visiting!