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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Won, I Won!

I recently entered a giveaway for a totally cool fat quarter of hand-dyed fabric and guess what?!!  I won!!  What, you say you figured that out from the title of this post?   oh...   Anyway, the fabric was stamped in pink with the end of a bok choy (which looks just like a rose, by the way!) and in green with the end of a zucchini.  I kid you not.

The colors are off in my photo, and I couldn't even get Photoshop to fix it.  The dark roses are a hot pink and the lighter ones are a lovely coral.

The colors are somewhat truer here, but I have an even better idea.  Just mosey on over to Moonsilk Stitches and you can see a whole slew of excellent photos, as well as the entire process used to create this masterpiece.  I just love how the lady behind Moonsilk Stitches always thinks outside the box!

Thank you so much for my wonderful prize!

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