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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Tatted Treasure and The March Bookmark

Good afternoon Gentle Blog Readers,

OMG!!  Have I taken up tatting now, too, abandoning my hardanger, cross stitch, blackwork, crocheting and my little lady in needlepoint?   Uhhh.....   NO.  I was gifted with this adorable little tatted embellishment/ornie by GF Lelia.  I love, love, love it!  Thank you, Lelia.  You can see her latest tatted treasure here.

It is much pinker in real life.   It probably looks bigger in this photo than it really is.

That's a quarter on the right--somewhat overexposed.  I'm not that good at "fixing" things in Photoshop.  These photos were taken outside, and it was beginning to spit rain, so the photo session came to an abrupt end.

Mr. Goldfinch was eyeing me warily from his perch on the feeder as I was taking snaps of my stitched stuff.  I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts.  His feathers will look much more like the color on the bottom of the feeder in a few weeks.

And now for the March hardanger bookmark:

I like the color of the fiber.  It's Rainbow Gallery Elegance, Silk Pearl #8.
It's not quite as bulky as DMC #8, but not quite as light as DMC #12.

Here is the openwork part of the bookmark:  wrapped bars, woven bars and adjoining wrap.  The "teeth" really show up if you're not doing tone on tone, but at least I haven't cut any of the fibers.   Yet.

I'm still working on my little lady, too, but all I'm doing is weaving the 1,749 canvas threads attached to the purse into the back of the piece.  (@#$%^&*@!*%!!!)  I have no photos to show of that.

Thanks, as always, for visiting with me, and Happy Vernal Equinox!

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