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Monday, April 4, 2011


Good Evening Gentle Blog Readers,

I have made a little bit of progress on the Greenpiece blackwork project.

You just can't appreciate the filling stitches unless you get up close and personal.

This filling stitch is predominantly dark green!
The only black used is for the small squares set on point.
It's hard to differentiate the colors even with the naked eye in daylight.

I'm glad I'm using DMC 503 to give the piece a little pop of color.

The directions don't really say to do this, but I thought I would backstitch around all the black cross stitch borders to make them appear less ragged.  It will add a lot of stitching (and time) but backstitching always makes things look a lot crisper.

This is the ugly overall photo of the piece.
(I was not using a fisheye lens.)
DH asked me if I am redoing Rainforest Crunch!
I think blackwork and canvaswork are as similar as a poodle and a basset hound.
But I guess I can see his point:  small squares around the perimeter with a large square in the middle.

New Stash!

I got this cute little book of hardanger designs from one of my guild friends (no blog).  She was cleaning out her own stash, and thought of me when she came across this book.  Thanks, Beth!

That's about it from here.  Thanks, as always, for visiting with me.

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Lelia said...

stunning blackwork - excellent addition of the green. (and the bs-ing)

I like the square of blackwork with the design that looks like four cards! (3rd pic)

Very generous of Beth to pass along her book.

Gotta get the laundry finished and ironing started - blek