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Friday, August 19, 2011

Two Starts and a Finish

Hey Blog Buddies,

This will be a quick post before I head for parts West.

I actually have two starts to show you.  Working backwards in the seasons, now that I have done four Chirstmas ornaments, I've decided to do some Hallowe'en stockings.

This is "Deadly Nightshade" from the 'Tis Hallowe'en booklet by Blackbird Designs.  The chart called for 30-count linen, but then the stocking would be 7" long--too big for my little everblack tree.  Yes, I have a black Hallowe'en tree that sits on a black pumpkin with a purple bow.  (You should know by now that I'm not quite right.)  So I am stitching the design on 40-count linen to make it a little smaller.  I think I'll have enough linen to stitch three stockings!  Hopefully, I can have them all stitched and finished-finished by the 1st of October.  (yeahright)

I started this little cutie when I went to my needlepoint group on Wednesday because I wasn't in the mood to work on my Autism design or my "little lady."  The design I'm working on is the one at the top left of the page.  As you can see, this is a Laura J. Perin design, and it's going to be a really fun stitch.  It will finish itself whenever I get a chance to get back to it--probably only on needlepoint Wednesdays for now.

And finally, my finish.  I'll admit it, this one is a little weird.  DH is a licensed amateur radio operater, as am I, but he actually talks to folks all over the world on the radio.  So he's been pestering me to do our callsigns.  His is on the top, mine is on the bottom, and they both have the characters "B9" in them.  He suggested the layout of the letters, and I just perused my alphabet books to find charts for suitable letters.  The "client" is happy with the end result, so I'm happy.

First thing tomorrow, we are off on a road trip to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons.  I have my hardanger bookmarks packed, in addition to a book on Ukrainian Drawn Threadwork.  If there were any lingering doubts about my being strange, they should all be dispelled now.  It remains to be seen how many stitches I will actually take.  I'll be offline until after I'm back, so... see you in September!
And thanks for visiting.


Melody said...

Love the stocking design, that will be so cute. I also am loving those beautiful pieces by Laura Perin. I haven't ever tried that type of needlepoint, but may be tempted to at some point. Are the charts good at illustrating how to do the various stitches?

Have a great trip to Yellowstone.

Kaisievic said...

I love your call sign design - a really unique keepsake. Have a wonderful trip to Yellowstone National Park - it is on my Travel Wish List.

K xoxox

Karen said...

I love your callsign design. It turned out really cute. Your Halloween and needlepoint pieces are going both gorgeous designs! Enjoy your vacation at Yellowstone National Park! said...

Love the Halloween stocking. I really have to see that black tree! Sounds interesting. Love the Autumn and all the coming holidays. Hope your trip to Yellowstone was super.