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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Ugly Side of Machine Quilting

Hey Blog Buddies,

I have been sticking to my goal of constructing two blocks a day for my holiday quilt. I've got 23 blocks done so far (only 7 to go!). It went quicker at first because I had so many squares and triangles cut, but now I'm getting to the end of my initial stacks and I need to cut more triangles, sew them together, press them open, and trim off the little tabs before I can even use them in a block.  Sometimes it's tricky feeding a pointed piece into your machine to be sewn, so just for giggles I thought I'd show you what happened to me.

As you can see, the point
of the fabric triangle
at the top of the photo
has disappeared because
my machine ate it!

This has happened only twice thus far,
so I guess I'm lucky, considering
the number of triangles I've sewn together.

Sometimes the only way I can fix it
is to take the throat plate entirely off
and clip one side of the thread
that's caught way down below
where I can't see, and just
pull it through.

It slows you down, lemme tell ya.

The final destination for this piece was
the wastebasket!

Here is my progress on BBD Jack O'Lantern.

There is a ton of
WDW Carrot
in this little piece.

My quilting buddy Molly gets bored
and tends to fall asleep quickly.

The flash of the camera must have woke her up.
The gray throw is on the floor because
she doesn't like to lie on the bare hardwood.
(Yeah, I know....)

Her back had been shaved
before we adoped her.
(She had an infection.)
It's slowly growing back in.

Molly Factoid:
We have had her three weeks now,
and we still don't know what her bark sounds like.
Was she trained not to bark ever?
We don't know.

We are taking her to the
this weekend.
It's a dog-friendly event.

Hope you have a great first weekend in October.
And thanks so much for visiting!

1 comment:

Karen said...

My sewing machine messes up stuff if I don't have enough of a seam allowance, so, I feel your pain.

Jack-O-Lantern is looking really cute.

Molly looks pretty content laying there and watching you. :)