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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Hot, Hot, Hot! Let's Crochet!!

Hey Blog Buddies,

Yes, it's true.  I've been crocheting.  With mohair.   My quilt guild is having its yearly boutique in November, and since I really don't have the temperament to block out a whole month to devote to making things to sell (like some people do--I admire them!), I've got to start pretty early.  I do a little here and a little there.  Fortunately, the items don't need to be quilted, just hand-made.  So I started with something easy (for me): crochet.  Most of this was done last week, when the temperature here was in the 100's (F), but it was very cool inside the house, which was where I was hiding from the weather.

Animal cruelty!
The yarn I used for this was Patons Divine,
only 10.5% mohair, but it felt and acted like mohair--
not the easiest to work with--
it kept catching on my crochet hook.
Oh yes, that white fabric peeking out from under the scarf
is the t-shirt I wrapped around Molly's neck
so she wouldn't shed all over my crocheted creation!
Don't worry, she got a nice treat afterwards
to compensate her for her time and humiliation.

Here is the same pattern, different yarn:

The pattern is really simple and works up quickly:
just chains and double crochets ("filet crochet").
This yarn is Sensations Angel Hair Stripe,
an acrylic/wool/nylon blend.
It was a dream to work with after the mohair.
It's very fuzzy, too, but you can't see that
in this photo.

I've also been sewing: lots and lots of ort bags,
one for each person who comes to our guild's
Ukrainian embroidery workshop.
I'll take a photo of my "ort bag pyramid"
after they're all done.
See my prototype ort bag here.

There has been some holiday stitching, too,
(on 40-count linen!)
which I'll share with you during the Theme-a-licious update.

Hope you get a chance to stitch today...
...thanks for visiting!


Beth Pearce said...

Wowsers you really have been busy - good work!

Carla said...

awww love the face of your doggie <3
the scarfs look great!!

Carla said...

awww love the face of your doggie <3
the scarfs look great!!

Chris said...

Love your model! The scarves look great. I hope that you are getting some relief from the heat.

belle said...

Your crochet is lovely and such a cute model.

Julie said...

Beautiful scarf, but I do love he little ORT pyramid, that is so cute and oh so useful.
Happy to have found your blog through the Summer Blog Hop.

Lelia said...

I'll get moving on the needle things for the workshop AFTER my entries turned in at the fairgrounds.

It is that time of the year --- FAIR TIME ; )