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Monday, November 19, 2012

November IHSW: Assisi, Batiks and September

Hey Blog Buddies,

I had no finishes this time around--and I knew that would be the case going into the weekend--so I decided to do something a little zany for me:  three starts!  I'm feeling a little chatty today, so maybe you should get a "cuppa" or an energy drink before we embark on our journey...  ...Got everything you need?  Good, let's go!

As the year draws to a close, I keep glancing at the 2012 goals list on my sidebar.  Now I knew quite a while ago that I wouldn't be able to finish all the projects, but it would be nice to at least put a few stitches in all of them.  So that is the reason for the three starts.

First, I chose Christmas Elegance by Milady's Needle.  Here is what the pattern looks like:

I chose the top left version,
only I'm doing it in green silk.
The difference between the top and bottom versions
is that one is the negative image of the other.
In other words, the top trees have the background stitched
and the bottom trees are the opposite.
They call the top versions Assisi stitching.
Normally in Assisi the entire background is stitched
and the design is left blank.
That's true here only for the tree.

Since I was doing the design with one strand
on 40-count linen, I was somewhat concerned about coverage.
The directions suggested doing "Two-Sided Italian Cross Stitch"
for better coverage, and the stitch was even diagrammed.
The best way I can describe it is
a cross stitch with a back stitch on the left and bottom.
This makes for a very dense, chunky stitch,
even if you're using only one strand!

I did the border in regular cross stitch and
decided to do the potted tree in Two-Sided Italian Cross Stitch.
You would not believe how long it took me
to stitch the pot!
And no, ripping the pot out at this point
is not an option.
Ripping anything more than a couple of stitches of
Two-Sided Italian Cross Stitch is not an option!
I don't have a crystal ball,
but this little guy might not get finished
by the end of the year.

Next I decided to go for another challenge:
Elisa's Backporch Circle Dance quilting pattern.
Sewing curves (shudder).
Here is a photo of the pattern to refresh your memory.

I wasn't crazy about the fabric in this photo,
so I decided to start over with some very bright batik fabric instead.
Don't worry--I hadn't gotten far
and the above fabric was used to make
some very cute ort bags this summer.

No sewing yet, just cutting,
and only 12 pieces of each element cut.
I'll need to cut 40 total of each of the smaller elements,
and (ahem) 106 of each of the larger.
But it's a start--and I love the fabric!

The last is not technically a start
since I've been working on this project a good part of the year,
but it's a start on a month.
Yes, Crabby All Year is back after an extended absence!

You can tell this is September, right?  No?
Well you'll be able to recognize it soon,
because I plan to finish September
before I move onto anything else.

That wraps up my November IHSW.
To check out the other hermitters,
visit Joyce's blog here.

Hope you had a grand weekend,
and got some stitching in, too.
Thanks for visiting!


geeky Heather said...

I LOVE the green you're using for the Assisi ornament. That's going to be gorgeous. And I never would have thought of using the Italian XS to give more coverage!! I am totally going to do that on one-color designs now with silk...that would be quicker for me to stitch, even with the extra legs, than worrying about laying two strands all the time.

Love the fabric for your quilt. All those circles are definitely crazy, though!!

Of course it's September...what else would it be? =P

cucki said...

Your stitching is so lovely ..great start.
Big hugs x

Emma/Itzy said...

Some great projects, but wow the curved quilting is way beyond anything I could ever do! But I look forward to seeing your progress :)

Linda said...

Great new starts. My MIL quilts and that fabric sitting there all cut up scares me. It is pretty but I don't quilt.


Meari said...

I learned something new today... Italian cross stitch. You didn't say, but how did you like doing it?

Faith... said...

I love the fabrics you picked! The colors look great. Your new start looks good too, hope you can squeeze in some more time on it to get it finished be the end of the year.

Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous stitching :D

Chris said...

Wow 3 projects. I love the new ornament start. That color is so yummy!

Giovanna said...

Nice stitching! The new start is so pretty.

Julie said...

I learnt about Italian cross stitch today, thank you. Your ornament is going to be superb. Great IHSW update.

Kate said...

Very pretty stitching! I love the quilt fabrics too :)

Carol said...

Oh my, that batik quilt is going to be amazing! Can't wait to follow along on your progress...

Hmmm... I had never heard of an Italian Cross stitch, but it does look like it solves the skimpy looking stitches that sometimes happen on 40 ct. Will have to give it a try :)

The Maiden said...

I'm drooling over those batiks!