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Monday, January 21, 2013

2nd Blogoversary Giveaway! *EDITED*

Hey Blog Buddies,
Today is the second anniversary of my first post on this little blog.  Time sure flies when you're having fun!  To celebrate this wonderful event, I'm having a giveaway.  Here is the giveaway package:

The chart for Plum Street Samplers' Hares' Christmas
(good as new)...

...kitted up...
36-count vintage Buttercream linen (actually is new)
and all the called-for GAST overdyed threads
(slightly used, but should be enough to finish the project)
Or you can use them on whatever strikes your fancy!

And since we all can use more linen:

A sampling of some smaller pieces
of 32- and 35-count linen--great for ornies or other smalls.
And let's not forget the little cloth ort bag--
handy for when you're stitching on the go.

To enter yourself in this giveaway, please do the following:
leave a comment on this post;
be a follower of this blog; and
answer the following questions:
when did you start stitching and
what are your favorite techniques?

That's it for now.

Ooops!  I forgot to mention when the drawing will be
first time around. 
What a ding-dong!
Deadline to enter is 11:59 p.m. CST
on Sunday, January 27th.
I'll draw the winning name on Monday, the 28th.

Good luck, and thanks for visiting!


Angela Cruz-garcia said...

Oooohhh. This is such a wonderful giveaway. I started stitching in my early teens but stopped soon after. I picked it back up a couple of time since but really started back last year. I have only used regular "X's" and just a little satin stitching. I think I could come to like that very much with a little practice.
Thank you,

Parsley said...

Happy blogaversary! I love reading here.

I have had this chart on my wish list and would appreciate an entry!

As to the question, I started stitching four years ago, I think, because some bloggers told me to try it. Now I'm hooked! I don't know of any technique that I've mastered. I am still working on French knots! Lol!

Anna van Schurman said...

Love those hares. I started stitching in 1989 to make a wedding sampler for my first college friend to get hitched. I love stitching in hand. And I do all sorts of specialty stitches. I started as an embroiderer when I was a kid (crewel kits) so specialty stitches don't phase me.

lynda said...

Congrats on your blogaversary! I would love a chance in your giveaway...i started stitching in college...over 40 years ago!...I started out doing crewel embroidery before moving quickly to counted cross stitch.i am really not a fan of specialty stitches...I prefer just basic little x's. I am a follower of your blog and look forward to reading more! Thanks!

McKenna C. said...

What a great giveaway! I'm a follower. :)

I started stitching when I was Mom taught me. My favorite technique would have to be backstitching. I love watching the piece come to life!


Anne said...

Wow! What a generous giveaway! Congrats on your 2 years of blogging! It goes by fast doesn't it?!Hmm, I started stitching when I was 9 I think. Fav techniques...hmm...I like to start stitching with the loop method if I'm using two threads. I try to make my stitches lay flat but I find it hard sometimes. I love using my Qsnaps and scroll rods to work on my bigger projects!

Kathy said...

I've probably been doing counted cross-stitch for 35+ years. As long as I've stitched it's just been in the last few years that I've tried specialty stitches and I'm also starting to concentrate on learning some different finishing techniques. I'd love to be included in your generous giveaway. Thanks.

missy said...

Happy Blogaversary.

I started stitching when I was a teenager, My mom FORCED me to accompany her to her quilt class and MADE me sing up for any class the store offered so Cross Stitch it was and I've been hooked ever since. I thank mom all the time. lol

I do like using the loop method for starting and railroading for a nice uniform stitch. I always make sure my x's start and end the same way .

Teresa S. said...

I'm officially a follower. Don't know why I didn't find your blog before now.

I started cross-stitching (a printed design on fabric) when I was 10 or 11 (in the 60's). I can remember what it said-Don't Wait for Your Ship To Come In, Swim Out After It

I love cross-stitch, needlepoint and have started with some very beginning quilting.

Love your giveaway, please include me!

Melody said...

Happy Blogoversary! I would love to be included in your drawing. What a cute little ort container.


stitchinpeanut said...

I am a follower... And enjoy your blog.
Thank you for hosting this... It is a WONDERFUL. Giveaway! Please add my name to the list.

I started stitching when i was 14 ... Self taught. I worked at a store that was around in the day.. Ben Franklin. And cleaned and organized the flosses eachshift i worked.. i fell in love wih all the colora... And the flosses.. so i started reading and asking the ladies that came in... I only knew i wanted to stitch but was from a family of machine sewers... And crochet/ knitters.

This was the start of a great adventure... I love specialty stitches... Algerian eyes, rhodes, queen stitches.. i just love the way they accent a piece.

Mindi said...

Congratulations on your blogoversary! I first started stitching while in high school when a neighbor taught me how. That was over 25 years ago. There have been breaks in there, its something I always came back to. Over the last 10 years its become more of an obsession and stress reliever, something that comforts and relaxes me. Cross stitch is my primary love, but I also enjoy specialty stitches and have done some hardanger, pulled thread and wool applique, along with embellished embroidery.

Suztats said...

I'm a new follower. That's a great giveaway! So, Happy Blogaversary, and many more!
I first stitched in school, in home economics class, but that was a very long time ago, and I wasn't really into it then. Fast forward to when I had my babies, and I went to a kit party, and saw some gorgeous stitching kits, and I was hooked! thanks for the chance to win this kit.

Lynn said...

Congratulations on your blogoversary. I started stitching in 1992 after I got out of the military. I wanted to try something new and picked up a Christmas ornament kit. It was the first time that I really did any crafts. I like using the loop start and Q-snaps.

Lynn said...

Happy Blogaversary!! Thanks so much for having this giveaway. I'm love The Hares.
I first started stitching 32yrs ago, shortly after the birth of my first born. I thought I'd have more time on maternity leave to stitch. I was so naive and didn't realize how much time I'd be involved with that little one! I've tried specialty stitches but I still prefer straight old cross stitch although I do love using silks and beads.
I became a regular follower of yours early last year and enjoy reading your posts.

Karen said...

Congrats on 2 years!! I would love to be entered in your draw!

I really got into needlework when I was 17 years old. My mom was looking through needlepoint canvases and I wanted one. I picked out a fairly large one and she kitted it up with all of the wool, needles, and everything else I could possibly need. Since then I've been hooked!

My favourite techniques would include two handed stitching with a lap stand or a floor stand and challenging myself with more difficult designs that use specialty stitches and hardanger.

Thanks for offering this fantastic giveaway! :)

cucki said...

Congratulations on your blogoversary.
i am your happy follower :)
i started stitching in 2005 ..and i love to do cross stitch and free style embroidery...
thank you for such a sweet giveaway..
hugs cucki x

CalamityJr said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I'd especially love to try those smaller pieces of linen; without an LNS anywhere near, I really miss seeing and touching fabric and fibers. I haven't stitched any of the hares, though, and since they're so adorable I'm sure I'd enjoy the pattern, too. I started stitching in grade school with stamped embroidery pillowcases then moved on to crewel. Cross stitch was discovered and quickly became my absolute favorite some time in the 80's. Technique-wise, I'm not sure I have a favorite. I'm one of the few (if bloggers are the majority) who really doesn't mind back stitch and French knots. They both add so much to a piece that it's worth the extra time.

Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane and for having such a great blog and giveaway. Happy blogoversary!

Emma/Itzy said...

I would love to be included in the giveaway please!

I started stitching when I was little, my Nana has always been very much in to crafts and I think that is where I got it from, I remember I was so proud of a picture of a cat and flower I did, back then it seemed to take me forever but now I dare say I could get it done in a weekend!

My techinque is do what I want when I want as long as it makes me happy, a happy stitcher is a productive stitcher! :)

Emma xo

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'd love to be entered in your giveaway!!!

Rhona said...

Congrats on the bolgoversary! I'm a follower and I started cross stitching by accident! I went to a craft class and cross stitching was the first craft we were introduced to.Fifteen years later, I'm still addicted. I don't think I have a favourite technique....except maybe completing a project - does that count?!!! ;)

Denise said...

Congratulations on your blogoversary! I have been a follower for a while now. The first time that I cross stitched was in 1984. It was a Christmas piece that I still have. I have tried all kinds of stitching but always go back to counted cross stitch. Thank you for a chance to win this fabulous give away!
Happy Stitching

Carol said...

Happy 2nd blogoversary!! I'm so happy to have found your blog this year and would love to enter your generous giveaway. Let's see, I first began stitching probably 30+ years ago--even before my sons were born. I think I saw someone at the library doing it during a meeting and got hooked from that moment. Favorite techniques--not really sure. I stitch in hand--just can't adjust to using hoops or q-snaps. I do love stitching tiny things the most so I use a lot of 40 ct. Not really a technique, but...

Thanks for the chance :)

Melissa said...

Congratulations on year 2!!! I'm coming up on 1 year of blogging myself and it seems that time has just flown by!!!!

I'd loved to be entered in your giveaway :)

Thanks Melissa

Wagapapa said...

Happy 2nd blogaversary, it's mine too and I do also have a giveaway on my blog:

I'm a new follower of your blog, love the things you do :D

I started with petit point and then discoverd my passion: cross stitch.

Have a nice day. xoxo

Shebafudge said...

Happy 2nd Blogoversary!!!

I started stitching in 1994. I was looking for something different for my then boyfriend for Valentine's Day. In a shop, I found a little floral heart cross stitch card and thought that would be good. I personalised it with our initials too. Almost 19 years later, he still has it...bless him!

Good luck to everyone who is entering such a lovely giveaway. I would love to win just for the ort bag, although everything else is smashing too.

Shebafudge said...

Oh, forget to say I prefer cross stitching but dabble in hardanger a little.

Carla said...

Happy 2nd blogversary!!

Linda said...

What an awesome giveaway. I would love to be entered. I started stitching in the mid 80's. I stitch in hand. Have tried frames, hoops etc. but don't like them.


Pat said...

I'm a new follower and love your blog. I've been stitching off and on since 1977 starting when I was a teenager. I love the back stitch :0)
Congrats on your 2nd blogaversary!!

Julie said...

Happy Blogoversary!

For me, real stitching happened when I had to see a counsellor and she suggested cross stitch some years ago, I had to take in and show 7 hours work to prove I had one hour 'ME' time each day at each visit. It was the best thing ever and I still try and get that hour each and every day.

Happy stitching x

robindefender said...

Great giveaway! Please count me in.

Let's see, I've been stitching since I was 11 years old, at least (maybe 10). My favorite technique is plain old cross stitch. I do like a bit of pulled thread work now and again though.

Chris said...

What a lovely giveaway! Please enter me. I enjoy your blog and all your kind comments on mine.
Does, stitching stamped pillow cases count? I did some when I was 15 I think. Then I did some of those preforated paper Santas in my twenties. Then I met up with a group of stitchers and was introduced to cross stitch stores. The designer that really got me interested in samplers was the Goode Huswif. I love those little xs, rhodes and smyrnas.
Thanks for the chance & stay warm :)

Happy Baker said...

Wow, cannot believe it has been two years since you started the blog - time did fly! It has been fun and you do great work, my inspiration! If memory serves me correctly, I started in my early 20s. My Mom was always a stitcher and she taught me some embroidery and then cross stitch. I love to cross stitch and I think that is my favorite, for now anyway (I may change my mind after April!!). Happy Stitching!

Fidike said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary! What a great giweaway!

I am your follower now:).

I started stching when I was about twelve. My gramdma theached me machine embroidery. She also gave to me old cross-stich cushion covers and samplers to imitate and stich after... My favourite is cross stiching now.

Marcy said...

Happy Blogoversary!
What a wonderful giveaway. That ort bag is too cute and the pattern such a fun one. Please enter me.
I started stitching in my early 20's when a co-worker showed me how to cross stitch (that was some 30 years ago). Some of my favorite techniques are pulled thread, cross stitch, crazy quilting and hardanger.

Sarah Beth said...

Happy second blogoversary:-) I started stitching when I was 8 so that would be 29 years ago. Stopped around 16_19 then picked it back up and never again stopped. I love it:-)

pippirose said...

Happy Blogaversary!
I'd love the chance to enter your wonderful giveaway.
I was taught to stitch when I was 6, but didn't really get into it until I was about 13. My first piece was embroidery (a zodiac runner). I got hooked on cross stitching 27 years ago, and that has been my main obsession.
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

karamino said...

hello Congrats with your 2nd blogoversary! Would love to enter to your giveaway if it open for international entries and vitit my blog! I have a 3d blogoversary giveaway on my blog - join the fun)

Stress Less said...

What a fabulous give away. Please enter me as well. I started stitching when I was in high school. Sorry I don't do a lot of special stitches. Maybe that's something for me to learn this year!

bcmonika said...
This is such a wonderful giveaway. I started stitching in my early teens but stopped soon after.

Creativity Station said...

Hi SouthPaw,
Just followed...and want to say happy blogoversary. Keep up the good work!

Silverlotus said...

Happy blogoversary!!

When did I start stitching? Back in middle school, I think. Probably sometime between 20 and 25 years ago! The first piece was a stamped Christmas design, and then I moved on to counted and never looked back!

My favourite technique is plain cross stitch, although I do love to mix in specialty stitches and I'm developing a love of canvaswork.

Jennifer M. said...

What a generous giveaway! Thats very sweet of you.

Lets see...I started stitching when I was eight years old. My grandma taught me. My first piece was a stamped cross stitch bear. I think I still have it somewhere??

I don't know many techniques, but to be honest I love doing beading on projects. Some find it tedious but I don't. I love the bling on projects.

I am a follower too. :D Thanks again!


Siobhán said...

Happy blogaversary! I'm a follower and would love to enter your giveaway. :)

I started stitching in 1994, when my twins were babies. It was nice to have something stay done, since dishes and cleaning and dirty diapers always needed to be done, over and over again.

I don't have any favorite techniques because I really enjoy the soothing rhythm of making little Xs on my fabric.

Kaisievic said...

oooh, I hope that I am just sneaking in before time is up! Please count me in! I am a follower and I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I first started stitching in my teens with tapestries but soon graduated to cross stitch and i have done it off and on since then but am back in a big way ever since I took up blogging as well. My favourite stitch is cross stitch and my favourite technique is to start new projects all the time -I figure that one day I might finish them all, but if I don't who cares? I love the journey just as much.

hugs, Kaye