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Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring has Arrived

Hey Blog Buddies,
Spring has arrived, at least here in the Chicago area.  We had a sunny, mild day yesterday, which prompted me to finish-finish Erica Michaels' Random Thoughts of Spring.  I did get the piece mounted and framed, but...
...the black color on the frame has got to go!
It looks a little funereal to me for a spring piece.
I got some green acrylic paint yesterday,
so the black will be just a memory soon.
The changes I made to the design were:
I omitted the bottom row of shamrocks,
and I changed the word "blarney" to "showers."
I love the way the name of the season
is done in Assisi embroidery on these designs.
The fabric is a 30-count springy green overdye
which you can see a little bit from the photo.

I recently entered a giveaway that Chris was having at
I wasn't the grand prize winner,
but she drew two extra names out of the goodness of her heart,
and I won a bunch of goodies from Market:

Clockwise from top right:
DMC coffee/tea mug, 4 of the newest WDW floss colors,
an easel floss keeper, a lovely card,
small notebook and, last but not least,
a small Whitman sampler full of cho-o-ocolates!
Thanks again, Chris!

And speaking of the Nashville Market,
Linda from The House of Stitches was invited to
our guild meeting this week.
Alarmed because I was running low on stash -- :p
I bought a couple of things:

Lizzie*Kate's Flowers Limited Edition Kit and
Tiramisu from Glendon Place.

She also brought the La-D-Da trunk show,
and since I have almost no Halloween charts (cough, cough)
I got:
There was only one of these charts left--what can I say?
This one will probably be displayed all year long...
...once I get a moment to stitch it.

I think Linda should come to all the meetings!

Well, that's it from here.
Hope you have a grand spring (or fall) stitchy weekend!
Thanks, as always, for visiting!


cucki said...

Aww spring is so sweet and congrats for winning the prize..everything is so sweet..
Love for you x

Jane said...

I agree, I think Linda should come to all the meetings too! LOL

Carla said...

I agree with you the frame is a little too dark, but the stitching is very pretty :)
Congrats on winning the drawing you got a lot of great stuff!

Lelia said...

Lovely Spring piece, and you are probably right about the frame - will enhance the project with different color. congrats on the giveaway win! and nice choices from Linda (HoS). Yes, would be nice of her to come each month ...

Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finish. It does need to be in a lighter frame. Love all your new stash.


Karen said...

I think the frame will look great once it's great. I find it a tad dark as well as it is. Love the Spring piece though!

Love all of your new goodies, especially The Raven. One can't have too many Halloween patterns lol. Congrats on your win!

Anne said...

I'm impressed, as always, with your beautiful and speedy stitching! I didn't see all of your "new stash" from NANI the other, but am happy to know you have something to fall back on when all your current projects are done. :)

Sally said...

What a beautiful Spring finish.

Congratulations on your win. Gorgeous new stash too.

Carol said...

Oh, I love that spring finish and it will look even more fabulous in a green frame!! If I ever stitch it, I'll have to remember your changes--I like them very much!

Hope the sun keeps shining all weekend in Chicagoland :)

Anne said...

The Spring finish is so pretty and I second your choice on painting it green. Lovely gifts from Chris and great job on getting those new charts!!

Julie said...

A lovely spring finish, it's finally arrived here with the onset of a couple of lovely sunshiney days this week.

Fabulous stash!

Teresa said...

happy spring bellissimo lavoro.

Lili said...

Pretty spring finish!
Nice stash!!I love the DMC mug ;)
Hugs x