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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Redwork Tea Towel

Hey Blog Buddies,

Happy May (a day late)!  The crazy weather continues here:  mid 80's (F) yesterday, and mid-40's this morning.   But the grass is growing and the leaves are popping and the 80's will return soon.  Too bad we didn't have much of a Spring!

As you might guess from the title of this post, I finished my redwork tea towel:

I used the stem stitch, chain stitch, split stitch,
but mostly the backstitch.
And it is tea time for me now.
Can you believe I'm writing this post
before having my morning cup of tea?
This little project was finished last Friday.
In the meantime, I've done some commitment stitching:
a name tag for myself.
The group that I joined last year gives new members
directions and materials for a name tag.
I think the design is clever, so here it is:
Worked on 24-count congress cloth,
the design depicts the Chicago flag:
blue and white stripes with four red stars.
The beige element is the outline of the
old Chicago Water Tower, which
survived the Great Fire of 1871.
The group's logo is at the top,
and my name will be at the bottom.
Just a little more stitching,
and all that remains is to finish it.
It will be good to check this off my 2013 To-Stitch List!
I ran out of time to stitch my April Halloween ornie,
so you know what you'll be seeing next on this blog!
Oh--almost forgot--I'm really excited about
attending a workshop with Debbie Stiehler this weekend
(she designs canvaswork pieces)
so... maybe that first!
That's it from here.
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Thanks for visiting! 


cucki said...

aww your red work towel is looking so pretty..
beautiful stitching too..
big hugs x

geeky Heather said...

Congrats on finishing the looks great! Have fun at your workshop this weekend!!

Julie said...

Beautiful redwork, so pretty.

xstitchatoz said...

I love your redwork, it looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the April ornie. :)

Anne said...

I love your pretty tea towel! You should bring it to the quilters group and enter it in the "challenge!" Your nametag is very special, too!

Karen said...

Posting before morning tea!?! My brain doesn't function until I've had my morning tea lol.

Your tea time towel is very pretty! You did a great job. I love the nametag too! :)

Sarah said...

The redwork is gorgeous! So pretty, love the pattern and your stitching is wonderful. I wouldn't want to use it as a tea towel though!

Carol said...

Your redwork towel is so pretty--such perfect stitching :)

Averyclaire said...

Love your tea towel and your name tag is absolutely GREAT. It is so unique. Puts me to shame that I don't have name tags for any of my groups!!