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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A New Start

Hey Blog Buddies,

First, I'd like to welcome all my new followers from the Grow Your Blog party--glad you're here.  That was so much fun!  There were so many new blogs to check out that I am still making my way through them.
Regarding the title of this post:  oh no, not another new start?  Yes, it's true.  It's not enough that I have ten active WIPs in my rotation this year (several of them BAPs) but I have started a new Stitch-a-Long.  It's the Nordic Needle Canvaswork Club, and Laura J. Perin has designed one of her long panels for it...

How cute is this?
I debated long and hard about this one,
because I really didn't want any more new projects.
But I liked it so much that I ordered it
at the end of December. 
Each month I'll receive
a chart and instructions to do
a piece of the panel.

This is the January piece--all finished!
All the multi-colored stars were done in 
Watercolours "Passion." 
It didn't take me long to do at all.

I don't have the February piece yet,
but from a glance at the photo of the model,
it looks like it will feature 
a lot of the gold metallic ribbon.

I've also been working diligently on my
regular rotation--believe it or not,
but I'm going to save those photos
for the Turtle Trot check-in
coming next week.

I do have an ornament to show you,
that I couldn't before
because it was a gift.

 This is one of the Lizzie*Kate Jingles patterns.
It was such a modest little design
that I felt it should be tarted up
with some fabric and rick rack.

Finally, I finished stitching
LHN's Home of a Needleworker
some time last summer
and I purchased a really nice frame for it
shortly thereafter,
but it took me until last week
to actually get myself in gear
and frame it.

Now it's hanging on my wall
instead of languishing in a bag
on my desk.

Finally, I have a snow picture for you.
It's of our backyard.
 Is it pretty?  Uh... no.

 When we get several inches of snow,
I have to go out and shovel paths in the yard.
Because we have a dog.
And I don't have snowshoes.
And you just can't leave all that "stuff"
laying there between the layers of snow
until the April or May (the way things are going) melt-off!
Well, you could, but eewwww!
There's more snow predicted for tonight,
so you'll know what I'll be doing tomorrow.
And even more snow is predicted for
this coming weekend, along with very cold temps.
90 percent of what I had planned in January
was cancelled--along with everyone else's events in this area.
And February is shaping up to be
more of same.
Enough already!!
(rant over--I've been very cranky lately)

On the bright side,
guess my WIPs will continue to get
lots and lots of love.

That's it from here.
Thanks for visiting!


Claudette497 said...

The needlepoint looks great! I hope you get the weather you want soon!

Anne said...

Wonderful needlepoint design Pat! I love the colours. I always miss the grow your blog party thing but I found the blog and can check out all the blogs too! So great to see all sorts of blogs out there! Love your Lizzie finish. Great way to tart up a modest design. Hope the snow starts melting soon!

Pat said...

Lovely new start!

Anonymous said...

Love your new piece. It is hard to get a good idea of the whole piece, as the photo is small, but your first month is gorgeous! Very nice piece! Love the gift ornie, and your Home of a Needleworker turned out beautiful. Nice framing!

Julie said...

WOW.. what a vibrant and colourful panel full of loveliness, no wonder you couldn't resits that.
Home of the Needleworker looks superb in its frame.
Lovely ornament too.

geeky Heather said...

Lovely finishes!!! It's a good thing I didn't know that Nordic Needle piece was done in Passion!! I ogled it but decided that since I have One Long Panel AND Patriotic Panel in my stash, I needed to pass. But oh the colors!!! Glad I can live vicariously through your WIP. =)

Chris said...

Lovely start on the Nordic Needle project. I am looking forward to seeing it progress.
Lovely finishing on the ornament and the LHN piece is fabulous!

Anne said...

I love your new Nordic Needle project. And your Jingles ornament is absolutely darling - fantastic finish! Maybe I could pay you to finish my things . . .

Stitching Noni said...

Gorgeous stitching. Love the Nordic Needle project but just adore your Jingles :o)

Melody said...

I totally understand your crankiness! I feel it as well, think we are all just sick of the winter weather.

Carol said...

Wow! Your framed Needleworker piece is gorgeous. I have that chart--not sure why I haven't stitched it yet... And your new start looks so bright and cheerful--a good piece to help you make it through this endless winter.

More snow here today, too--I'm so over this!!

SoCal Debbie said...

Your Home of a Needleworker is so gorgeous in the frame!

Zurainny Ismail said...

That is a lovely ornie - you can't go wrong with Lizzie Kate. Though I love the thought of snow, I understand the bite of the cold - hope the weather turned out better than predicted. Cheers! :D

Faith... said...

Your Nordic Panel is gorgeous! Your finishes look great to and I am in agreement with you about the snow...not so pretty; but spring is coming!

Kimberly Ronketty said...

Do you know of any way the entire pattern can be purchased now, of the Nordic panel by Laura J Perin?? I absolutely love this design but can't find it anywhere. Thanks so much!!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Kimberly, I notice that you're a no-reply commenter. Laura J. Perin's Nordic Panel is a Nordic Needle exclusive, so I would contact them to see if it's still for sale. Good luck.