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Friday, August 29, 2014

Ohio Road Trip

Hey Blog Buddies,

How has August been treating you?  It's winding down!

This week we went on a road trip to Cleveland.

It seems strange that I've lived relatively close to Cleveland all my life but had never visited there before.  When I told people where I was going, I did get asked:  what's in Cleveland?

Well there are a lot of things,
but this was definitely my main attraction.
It's big--a music enthusiast can easily spend the entire day there.
And, once inside, there is music everywhere.

There are larger-than-life photos of rock stars
(they were so young in this photo!)...

...lots of displays featuring genres, artists
and geographic locations...

...and tons of cool videos which are hard to photograph.
I got lucky with this one.

My two purchases at the museum store were...
...a T-shirt with this design on it.
The clerk said that a lot of young people don't know what this is.
I still have some of mine, since I kept all of my old 45's...

...and this little gem.
Rock and roll and crochet DO go together well!

DH spent some time with me in the museum,
then he went off to visit the submarine next door.

There's a radio room in the sub,
 and DH got to make some contacts
on their ham radio.
He had to climb down the hatch to access the sub,
not something I was inclined to do.
Besides, he couldn't pry me away from the music.

Cuyahoga National Park is just south of the city.
It's very pretty and has several waterfalls.
Brandywine Falls is the largest.

Beaver Marsh was my favorite spot:
This is on the way to the marsh.

This used to be a junkyard,
then they removed all the cars and the beavers just moved in
and created this lovely spot.

If you look hard enough,
you can see DH walking on the boardwalk
on the far left of this photo.

I did manage to schedule a short visit here:
They have a very lovely store in Cleveland Heights.

This is their Hallowe'en tree--so cute!

There were lots of painted canvases...


...and stitched models.

My stash enhancement was limited to
these two items.
It's hard to tell from this photo,
but I haven't stitched the bookmark yet.
The design is painted on.

That ends our mini-tour.
Hope you enjoyed the Cleveland area!
To all my US friends,
have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend.

Thanks for traveling along with me!


Natasha said...

awww Cleveland, my hometown. Truth be told I wass born there and lived there up till I moved to California and have NEVER been to the Rock and Roll Museum LOL. I have been to Brandywine falls many times though. I think that we have the best parks system anywhere, Cleveland Metroparks is awesome :)

Glad you had an enjoyable trip, makes me want to go back for a visit sometime and act like a tourist!!!!

Have a safe and happy weekend

Sally said...

Looks like you had a great trip :) Wonderful photos.

Julie said...

Lovely pictures of your trip, such lovely scenery and I love the falls, it looks very tranquil.

Carol said...

I only live 2 hours from Cleveland and have never been there myself! Looks like it's definitely worth the drive--thanks for sharing your photos :)