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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Seven Small Finishes

Hey Blog Buddies,

How's your weekend been going?  I've been dabbling with a blackwork cyber-class that's just gotten underway, but more on that in another post.

I've also been doing some small projects, partly to take a needed break from all of the BAPs that are currently in progress, and partly to make a couple of small things to sell at my quilt guild's boutique coming up in early November--yes, it's just around the corner!

First up, we have BBD's Bird in Hand:
I switched the red floss in the model
for Gloriana's Holiday Blue.
I put my initials on it, so I'm keeping this one.

It was such an easy stitch
(I so appreciate monochrome projects after working on
 my 50-shades-of-gray-and-tan wolves every day)
that I decided to make one for the Boutique...
This was stitched with WDW's Merlot.
The colors are less bright in real life.

Next is the little hardanger piece
that Roz (former owner of Nordic Needle)
designed exclusively for retreat attendees this year.
It came with the cute, coordinating metal
heart-shaped box, which makes it more useful.
 I stitched this because I originally intended
to sell it at the Boutique.
But it turned out so nice,
and I can't buy another one because it's a Retreat exclusive,
that I decided to keep it for myself.  (My bad!)

 Here's the fourth strawberry that I've stitched this year.
They're all from Prairie Schooler.
Doesn't look much like a strawberry, does it?

Here is it, all finished up.
Now it looks like a strawberry!
I had three other stitched strawberries
that had been sitting around most of the year,
waiting to be finish-finished.

 After finishing the first one,

...they each got easier...

...and easier to do!

I won't lie, they were very fiddly,
but the cuteness factor makes up for it, I think.
Everyone from Eva at Stitching the Night Away in Illinois 
  to Cathy of Inspired Needle
kept telling me that I could finish these ornies myself,
so thanks for the encouragement, guys!

The "holly" strawberry is going to the Boutique.
Depending on my mood,
I may take another one there to sell, too.
Still hoping to make a few more small things
for the Boutique, so stay tuned.

That's it from here.
Stay stitchy, my friends.
Thanks for visiting!


Linda said...

Lovely stitching. I really like the strawberries.


Rhona said...

Love the Bird in hand design (both colour schemes!)....might have to track down this chart! :)

Anne said...

Oh my goodness Pat! I loooove your Blue bird finish and the red bird and the strawberries! You've been on a roll! Is there a tutorial for the strawberries? I should try my hand at making them, especially if they stitch up quickly!!

cucki said...

Beautiful stitching x

Anonymous said...

Your finishes are SUPER! I knew you could do those strawberries. You have become an excellent finisher! Love those birds. I have that pattern waiting for me for the last three years! :)) Nice work.

Heather said...

The strawberries turned out really lovely. You did a great job.

Happy Baker said...

Bird in Hand - both of them are very nice; I like how you finished both of them. Strawberries and heart also came out real nice - and those I have seen up close. You do such wonderful work - I continue to be inspired by you!

Carol said...

What great finishes--those strawberries are adorable and I love the red bird piece, too!

Sally said...

Your finishes are beautiful. Love those birds.

Melody said...

Lovely finishes! I am impressed with the strawberry finishes. I don't think I have the patience for those...

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Beautiful finishes. I know why you want to keep the heart box for yourself that is absolutely gorgeous!

Marsha said...

I LOVE that blue! I have to get some. Those strawberries are the cutest things ever!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute!