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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March Turtle Trot

It's Turtle Trot time once again and, as expected,
this month's report is much shorter than last month's.
But some progress is better than none, eh?

First up is Summer Logs 
by Needle Delights Originals.
Here's where I was last month:

This is what I accomplished this month:
This is such a fun, relaxing stitch.
If I didn't want to stay in sync 
 with my guild's SAL group,
I believe I'd have this finished by now.
Quit snickering--you never know!

Next we have Dawn Chorus by Long Dog Samplers.
I had made a great start on it last month...

Here's where I'm at now...
Didn't get as much done as I had planned.
But I have an excuse (dontcha love it?).
This was mounted on a too-small scroll frame
which was driving me crazy.
After I had taken it off (it was sewn on)
I realized that the frame this piece really needs
is in use.
So it will have to wait just a little while
for me to finish that other BAP.
I know I could just stitch this in hand,
but it's all pressed and I don't
want to wrinkle it up again.

Next we have Carrots
by Jennifer Riefenberg. 
Here's where I left off:

And here's where I am now:
More bands of "earth" have been stitched.

Last but not least, we have Ink Circles' 99:
Last month I was here:

And this month, here:
At first glance, it may look like all I did
was to finish off Shelf No. 7.
But I stitched Shelf No. 8, too!
And there are only nine shelves!!
This is the piece that needs to get finished
before I can get back to Dawn Chorus.
I'm too superstitious to predict a finish date,
but there is a great big light
at the end of this long tunnel.
Yes, I'm strange; 
we all have our little idiosyncrasies.

To change the subject,
as many of you are aware,
the Nashville Market was held recently.
Last week, averyclaire dragged me
(kicking and screaming, I tell you)
to our LNS to check out the
new Market pieces.
Well, she did have to wait
several nanoseconds 
before I hollered "field trip!"
Wanna see what I got?

Top row: LHN Oh Christmas Tree
BBD In Full Glory, PSS Lesson One of 
Serial Bowl Collection.
Bottom row: Kathy Barrick's 
Good Intentions and Bird's Eye View.
The Plum Street and Kathy Barrick designs
were all from Market.

This also came home with me:
Wow, it seems to be kitted up!
The fabric is a really pretty light yellow.
There was a gorgeous stitched model in the store,
and it just said "spring" very loudly to me.
I intend to start this the moment I finish 99 
(I do have some restraint),
and that's another incentive
to just get it done.

So those are my stitching plans,
with the exception of
a two-day Kay Stanis workshop
hosted by my ANG chapter this weekend,
and a rather challenging canvaswork class
to be taught at that same
enabling ANG chapter at the end of the month!

Go here to find out what the other
Trotters have been up to this month.
Thanks, Claudette, for hosting this fun SAL!

That's it from here.
Hope you are all having a fabulous March.
Thanks for visiting!


Annie said...

Wonderful progress on all, especially 99 Bottles! Home stretch, yay!

Anne said...

Woot woot! Only one more shelf! It's looking amazing so far! Great picks too from the Nashville Market releases. I love Kathy Barrick's designs!

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Wow! Great progress on everything and I love your new purchases. I've added quite a few things to my wishlist after Nashville as well.

Carol said...

I'd say you made a lot of progress on a great bunch of WIPs!! You'll have your beer masterpiece finished in no time :) Enjoy all those new charts--you got some darling ones!

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

You've been busy! They all look great.

Faith... said...

You got in lots of stitching and lots of great new stash!

Barbi said...

Love your Long Dog Sampler piece (whew have to be really careful how you say and write that or it could be something completely different by adding on extra letter there! LOL) Bird's Eye View is one of my favorites from Nashville.

rosey175 said...

I found out about the Nashville Market a bit too late! It sounds like it's a lot of fun though. Everyone always needs some new stash. :D

Great carrots... or rather dirt! I just love that rainbow band in the center.

Linda said...

Wonderful progress and I love your new stash.


Anonymous said...

great progress, love your new stash ♥

Julie said...

Such a lot of progress this past month, I do love to see how well your canvaswork is coming along, I really would love to try that sometime. Maybe this is the year to do it!

Katie said...

Wow wow and triple wow. Gorgeous work and lots of progress. Your 99 will be enjoying a happy dance very soon!

Justine said...

Amazing progress on all four of those! 99 bottles is so close...

Deb said...

Love your Summer ant Carrots. Such beautiful work! Great update and wonderful stash!