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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Finish and A Challenge

Hey Blog Buddies,

Happy July!  And what better way to usher in the month than with a Christmas ornament, right?!

This chart was a bonus added in with
Laura J. Perin's Red Hot Peppers chart.
I changed the colors to make it more Christmas-y,
and didn't stitch the whole design
because my Christmas tree is modestly sized.
It was a really quick and fun stitch,
and the best part was that I have a friend
who is now doing finish-finishing so I don't have to!
I think she did a fantastic job.
Go check out all of her gorgeous finishes here. 

Now for the challenge.  My ANG chapter wants to encourage us to finish our WIPs, so those interested in the challenge were told to bring three WIPs that were no more than half finished.  The studio audience (i.e., the meeting attendees) would vote on the one project that they thought each participant should finish.  We have a year to finish that project.  If we are successful, we'll get a free ANG tote bag.  If not, we will pay $10 to our chapter's treasury.  Here are the projects that I submitted:

Jennifer Riefenberg's Carrots.
This was a chapter workshop in 2014.

Kay Stanis' Copper Illumination.
This was a 2015 chapter workshop.

And, finally, Debbie Rowley's Angles.
This was a 2-part class given earlier this year.
That little blue triangle in the upper left
indicates how far I've gotten on it.

And which project did the gentle chapter members pick?
I think you've probably already guessed:  Angles.
Of course they did.
It's the largest of the three and obviously
has the least amount of work done.
But that's OK.
I have an entire year!

I think I'd like to get Carrots out of the way first, though.
Then I intend to buckle down on Angles.
Not sure where that leaves Copper Illumination...

To all my US buddies, have a safe and fun Fourth.
To my non-US buddies, have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks, as always, for visiting!


Fidike Mamivonat said...

This challenge must be fun! Great stitching!

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Good luck meeting your challenge!

Minnie said...

Good luck on your challenge.

Kate said...

Congrats on the lovely finish! That challenge sounds like fun; I'm sure you can finish Angles in a year. Happy 4th!

Julie said...

Good luck on the challenge. Super finish, so very pretty.

Justine said...

That's a lovely finish, very unusual. What a great idea for a contest! I like the chart that was chosen for you to work on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug for my blog. Love your Carrots, LOVE the copper piece...and can't wait to see how the Triangles progress! I will have to get out some more PhD's (projects half done) soon. Almost finished with the ones I posted before! Love your before and after photos.

Rosemary said...

Your guild's idea is a good one, and you do have a year. You'll get it done. I love all of these but must admit I would love to see the carrot one done as well. Your Christmas ornament is great, I do not have a friend who finishes finishes. I wish I did!!!!!