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Thursday, April 20, 2017

April's Rotation

Hey Blog Buddies,

There's been a bit of stitching and some sewing (say what?) since my last proper update in March, and I've got a bunch of stuff to show you.  Let's take a peek.

First up is a finish!
Barbara Ana's Funky Bird.
She suggested finishing this as a ditty bag,
but I'm going to do a small framed piece.
He looks like he's been eating
a lot of those flowers, doesn't he?

Here is Needle Delights Originals'
Spring Logs.
It was half done last time we checked.
Actually, I'm a wee bit farther than this,
but this was a good point to take the photo.
I'm on track for a June finish.

I picked up Kay Stanis' Copper Illumination, too!
Here's where I was at last year.

And here's where I'm at now.
I was humming along, doing a little each morning,
then I took a break for my small trip.
And I haven't picked it up since.

Here's a close-up of the hyacinths.
They're double beaded, first in black,
then the purple goes on top
in a somewhat haphazard fashion.
It's still doable to finish this by the end of June,
but I'm setting aside a 10-dollar bill
just in case this challenge project remains stalled.

Since my morning stitching slot was vacant,
out came Prairie Schooler's I.
At first I thought Indian corn 
was an odd pick for the letter I,
but when I tried thinking of "I" words,
all I could come up with was
idiot, imp, ink, interstate...
maybe ice cream.
I think Indian corn is perfect.

I took a quilt class(!) last week,
sponsored by my quilt guild.
I liked the pattern,
Plum Street Quilts' Shadowplay.
This is my modest start.
It should look like 3-dimensional blocks
when it's finished--
hopefully, some time later this year.

Since I finished a project, why not start a new one?!
I've had this pattern in my stash for years.
Joseph's Coat by Lois Caron.
I'm doing it on white congress cloth,
and it's about four inches high.
The 18-count canvas that was provided
would have made the piece
way too big for an ornament.
(Congress cloth is 24 count.)

Carla asked about the Easter finish
on my last blog post, specifically
did I follow any kind of tutorial
(I'm assuming for the rick rack).
The instructions I used
can be found at A Spoonful of Sugar.

That's it for today.
Hope April is going well for you.
Thanks for visiting!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love that bizarre bird, he's hilarious, what a fun project.
Nice canvaswork too.
BTW the letter photo has disappeared from your Easter post.

Linda said...

Lovely projects and finish. You have made great progress.


Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on your Funky Bird finish! You made good progress on the featured WIPs and a nice start on the stocking.

Tiffstitch said...

Great finish and of course you needed a new start. Good on you getting out copper illumination, now back to it, only a little bit to go!

Anonymous said...

You always accomplish so much! And ALL of your work is beautiful. Can't wait to see the Kay Stanis piece's gorgeous!
Love all of the pieces.

Tricia B said...

Congratulations on your beautiful Funky Bird finish - I love it! The beading on the hyacinth is amazing! You are truly an artisan! Thank you for sharing your stitching.

Cathy said...

All of your stitching projects are beautiful! You've got a lot of variety there, which is nice. And those beaded hyacinths - gorgeous!

cucki said...

lovely projects and finish..i love them so much x

Carol said...

Ha! I love that fun bird finish, Pat! You can't help but smile when you look at him with his fabulous colors :) Nice progress on your other projects, too, as well as your new quilt (you aren't going to abandon us stitchers for quilting are you :)

Enjoy this last week of April--another year that is speeding by way too quickly!

Rita JG said...


Julie said...

Your canvaswork always takes my eye, its so fabulous.
Love the little birdie this time as well.

Mary said...

The Spring logs is amazing!! I cannot imagine all work involved in all those thread color changes. Love birds, your Funky bird is just cute!! I can't get over all that you accomplish. Mary