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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Auspicious August

Hey Blog Buddies,
Hope everyone's August went well.  
I was beginning to think I wouldn't get a post in this month, 
because I wanted to wait until I had another letter finish.  
But finally...

K is done!
I think the cat looks a bit nervous.
Maybe she's afraid that the birds
are going to start pecking at her ears.

I worked a bit on Rip-Ro, too.

Here's where I was last month.

And here it is now.

I had a good bit done on Forest last month.

And here it is now, all stitched.
I like the way the trees change color
when they overlap.

I made a couple of new starts, too.

I don't know if this will be
finished in time to be seasonally displayed, 
but at least I should have it for next year!

This has been in my stash pile for several years.
It finally called loudly enough for me to notice.

The Lake County Fair was in the middle of the month...

...and I did quite well.

This past weekend, I attended
Needlework Galleria with my friend Joyce.
It was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel
in St. Charles, Missouri.
There were close to 30 vendors,
mostly designers and some needlework shops,
and it took up the entire fourth floor of the hotel.
Since all the rooms were two-room suites,
the vendors set up their shops 
in the living room part of the
suite where they were staying.
I took this photo from the 12th floor where
our suite was, far from the madding crowd.
You can see the banners of some of the vendors
down on the fourth floor railing.

A tiny sample of goods from various shops.

I went a little nuts in the shop with all the fabric...
I got lots of nice 18- and 20-count evenweave,
good for over-one work!
Wait, am I planning on doing a lot of over-one work?!

I signed up for one class, the Round Robin.
Six vendors took turns presenting their small projects.  
Just what I need, six more projects!
But they're small...

Clockwise from top left, The Silver Needle's acorn stand-ups;
JBW's candy cane holder; Romyscreations' Christmas ornie;
J Design's Spooky Tin, Noteworthy Needle's
thimble holder (it's really small); and finally
Needle Bling's sampler pillow.

The Silver Needle is a needlework shop in Tulsa, OK.
They had a fabulous 2-suite shop jam packed 
with the most tantalizing stuff.
If you're ever near Tulsa, pay them a visit!

I have to give a shout out to Cathy from
Inspired Needle (my local LNS)
who puts on this incredible event year after year.
Thanks for all the hard work, Cathy.
It was well worth it.

That's it from here.
Thanks so much for visiting!


Linda said...

Congrats on the awesome finishes and starts. Love your new fabric.


Justine said...

Congratulations on all your ribbons! The needlecraft event looks like great fun. I love those little acorns!

Rita JG said...

Thanks for all the beautiful pics! It is such an inspiration!

Rhona said...

You've been busy!The needlework Galleria looks like fun and the fabrics you got are wonderful.

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations and well done on your entries to the fair! Your pieces are very inspiring. It looked like you had a wonderful time at the Needlework Galleria.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Kitty looks great and I love the colours on the Satsuma Street piece.
Well done on all those ribbons and so much envy that you can attend a wonderful event like the Galleria. I really like the little Spooky Tin design.

GreatforMe said...

That's wonderful:)

Beth in IL said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. Love the projects.

deb said...

Kitty looks wonderful (but may be right to worry about those birds and her ears!). Congratulations on doing so well with your fair entries - wow! Like your new starts, too - especially the BBD piece.

Carol said...

Congratulations on another letter finish, Pat! I do love that Kitty :) And your autumn finish is delightfully colorful and fun--enjoyed seeing your pillow finish on IG.

Well done at the fair!! We don't have fairs here, so I have no idea how they work. Do you get money for your wins as well as the ribbons? Do you have to pay to enter--is there a limit on the entries?

What fun the Needlework Galleria must have been!

Astrids dragon said...

I love kitty, so cute! Great progress, both are so colourful.
Oh wow, look at all those ribbons, congratulations!
It looks like you had a great outing, isn't it fun to do that with a friend?

Julie said...

Congratulations on your ribbon wins.
A lovely kitty finish.

stitchersanon said...

Wonderful post. Inspiring!

Sally said...

Fantastic finishes and new starts:)