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Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Frightening than any Saucer in the Sky

That would, of course, be my list of UFOs.  In an effort to perhaps shame myself into finishing one or more of these 'objects' this year, I offer herewith three of the UFOs that are nagging at me the most. First off:

There she is, The Uptown Stitcher by Libby Sturdy.  This was offered in a Guild workshop circa 2003.  Along the way, I have lost: the little one-inch-long feather for her hat, the purple cording that I made for her hat, and various fibers.  I have mounted her on my favorite lap scroll frame (had to sew her on), and I'm unwilling to snip her off for another project until she is finished.  She would look so cute as a stand-up in my quilting room overseeing activities.

Next up:
This is Pristine by Cindy Valentine Designs.  It is by far the most ambitious hardanger project I have tackled, measuring approximately 24" by 24".  This piece was originally meant as a gift, but I had allowed myself only three months from start to finish, and then I made various errors in the project.  I did not feel it was 'good enough' for a gift, so the intended recipient got cash instead.   I was quite disgusted with it and was on the verge of cutting up the linen to use in smaller projects.  Instead, it has lived folded up in a bag for over four years.   When I pulled it out recently, I gave it a quick once over and could not for the life of me find the errors, which I know are there.  I will have to give it a thorough going over and may finish it for myself because I am much less picky about pieces I keep as opposed to those I give away--although I'm picky enough about the former.  (My original plan was to actually start the thing over from scratch for myself 'someday,' but why do that when there is so much already completed?)  I still love the design.

Finally, we have UFO No. 3:

This is Mates, designed by Sherrie Stepp Aweau and featured in a Cross My Heart booklet.  I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that this project was started in the last millennium.  The easy features of this project:  the ground is aida cloth, all whole cross stitches, no backstitching.  The not-so-easy:  the directions call for 39 colors, almost all of them being shades of gray and brown/beige, and there is a color change on average every five stitches.  That right there is something of a deterrent.  I had finished the bulk of this project in one go.  I had momentum on my side.  I should have never put it away.  Yes, I still think it's a great design.

So, dear, insightful Blog Readers, is there hope for any of these projects?  Which do you think has the best chance of being finished? 

Have a groovy rest of the weekend.  Hope you are doing something you love.


Lelia said...

I'm a big C.Valentine fan; however, the dog is fabulous! What an effort (I'd never ever even start)

Stitch what makes you happy.

Guess we are in for a blizzard, wind, snow + 12-18" accumulation. I'm so sick of winter weather. blek.

Cindy said...

We'll cheer you on to finish those UFOs!

The good thing is that you still like the designs. The canvas piece looks like it would be the fastest finish, although it looks like you have a great start on all of them.

Maybe you could put them on a rotation or devote one day a week to UFOs.