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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Current Obsession

Good Afternoon Dear Blog Readers,

Below is a photo of my current WIP, Rainforest Crunch by Needle Delights.  Despite having made a mental vow just weeks before the purchase of this project to work on UFO's only, when I saw the completed piece hanging on the wall of my LNS, adjacent to the packaged instructions, I loved the colorway and knew I had to make the piece. 

"Well, I'll just get the instructions today," I said to the shopowner.  At that very moment, lo and behold, my eyes rested on the 12 Watercolors the piece called for, all tied together with a pretty white ribbon.  "That's just not fair," I thought as I scooped up the fibers and clutched them to my breast.  "Would you like me to cut you a piece of canvas for that?" the shopowner asked tenderly. Heck yeah!  "And do you have 12" stretcher bars?"   Uh... no.  Into my waiting arms they went.  "Let me just grab the Kreinik metallics the instructions call for," she said.  Wouldn't want to leave without them.  But it wasn't really so bad--I had a supply of tacks at home!

You are probably asking yourself why I was in the shop to begin with.  I had ordered a copy of the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Issue, and went there for the sole purpose of picking it up.  It's true.  I swear.

Although it's hard to pick, here is my favorite square thus far:

The piece is working up really quickly, and I'll have it finished in no time.  Then, it's back to the UFOs.  Yeahright.


Lelia said...

What an awesome canvas project! The colors are great - excellent stitching, too.

Looking forward to seeing your next section completed.

Isn't it fun to visit the LNS and have textile goodies hop into our shopping baskets?

Lelia said...

Were your ears ringing? We were talking about your new blog yesterday .... wanna know who "we" are? Tell you on Tuesday!!! ; )

Cindy said...

Welcome to blogging! Saw the link on Lelia's blog.

Love your current project...that one is definitely on my "to do" list.