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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Finished Quilt Top ... and a BBD

Hey Blog Buddies,

Today marks another milestone in my quilt project:  all 30 blocks have been completd and assembled into a quilt top.  I like it well enough, but the combination of the 2-1/4" squares, with lots of half square triangles thrown in, plus the pattern in my "light" fabric make it all a little ... well ... busy.  Sometimes I think I should just stick to quilt kits and leave the fabric selection to the professionals.

The display hanger in this photo
is the Southpaw Stitcher staff.

Now I'm rethinking sending it out
to be quilted because
I'm not sure I want
another pattern
on top of it all.

I've never quilted anything
quite this large before,
but I may attempt a simple
stitch-in-the-ditch finish.

I'll take it to my LQS tomorrow
to pick out backing fabric
and make my decision then.

But anyway, last week I had taken Molly
to the groomer for a soothing
oatmeal bath for her skin.
As we were leaving,
the owner of the shop
thanked me for getting a BBD.
"A beebbee what?" I asked.
It was pretty early in the morning.
"A BBD--big, black dog," she replied.

(Yes, she's big, black and a dog.)

I was probably eyeing her strangely at this point,
because she went on to explain
that shelters and rescues have
a harder time adopting out
BBD's than other dogs.
Theories abound on why this is so.
They don't photograph well, and
a lot of folks pick out dogs on the Internet.
People associate them with
Rotties and Dobermans
and are more fearful of them.
They can't be seen as well in
the back of a cage.
BBD's even have their own rescue.

Needless to say, I was surprised.
I had never heard about
the BBD syndrome before.

We chose Molly because she seemed
so calm, we leaned toward females,
and thought she was a "good" size.
Who knew?

This happens almost every time she
goes out into the yard.
She's obsessed with squirrels.

If we had known about
BBD syndrome beforehand,
we would have added "black"
to our list of preferences.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Thanks for visiting!


CalamityJr said...

Your BBD title fooled us all! So glad you didn't know to be concerned about getting Molly; she's seems to be a precious addition to your family!

Lelia said...

I have never heard of BBD - and we have had a black lab mix for several years - we named him Buddy

Picture of Buddy here

I think he does ok in photos ...

Who knew? said...

I love the quilt and you did a marvelous job like you always do with everything you tackle. It's really pretty!!