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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two (Count 'em) Two Finishes

Greetings, Blog Buddies,

Thanks for all your comments--I enjoy reading every one.  Today I have not one, but two, finishes to share with you.  First is Jack O'Lantern, found in the BBD 'Tis Hallowe'en booklet....

He's such a happy fellow.

This is another 40-count-over-2 piece.

He might be appearing somewhat larger on-screen
 than he is in real life.
Many tiny crosses were involved in this piece.

Which is why I particularly enjoyed my next finish...

This is from Laura J. Perin's
Holiday Ornaments, Series 1

It's on 18-count canvas (love it!).
I don't need magnification to work this one.

This canvaswork piece is a whopping 4-3/4 inches square--
too big to finish as an ornament, in my opinion.
It can't hide behind Jack O'Lantern!

So I decided to make all four ornies in the set
plus one extra, then finish them as a cube.
The sixth side will be covered in fabric.
Fortunately, I realized at the outset
that each ornie in the set was a different size!
They varied from 80 stitches square
up to 86 stitches square.

I figured the easiest route would be to adjust the smaller ones
so that they would be 86 stitches square.
This one was charted for 82 stitches square--
I added the extra ecru border over two
to make it the size I needed.

We're having "October's bright blue weather" here today.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend,
whatever the weather.

Thanks for visiting!


Kaisievic said...

Two fantastic finishes - enjoy your happy dances.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox said...

I LOVE your Halloween stockings. And they truly ARE tiny. Love your canvas work as well. Great idea to add some rows to make them all the same. Beautiful work!!

geeky Heather said...

Cute smiling jack-o-lantern!! And how smart are you to realize those canvaswork squares a different size and plan in advance! This is the kind of thing I don't think about until it is too late. That is going to be one gorgeous cube!

Sally said...

Gorgeous finishes! I love the stocking!