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Friday, January 13, 2012

I am not amused...

The view from one of the upstairs bedroom windows.

Now, admittedly, it's not as bad as it looks.
We accumulated maybe 6-7 inches of snow here
during the last 24 hours.
This is "just" a drift on the roof.
And we have been really, really
spoiled weatherwise this winter.
Yesterday was the first measurable snow.
But still...

Add to that the fact that I've got
a doozy of a cold,
and you have one very cranky
Southpaw Stitcher.
I.  Hate.  Snow.

However, there is one saving grace.
A couple of days ago,
this came in the mail...

One hundred twenty colorful pages
of luscious stitchy goodness.
I'm ever so much happier looking at this
than out the window.
If you're not on their mailing list,
you really should get on.
They have a big website, too,
but there's nothing like a paper catalog
that you can hold in your hands
and just..  dream.

And, of course, I got some stitching done, too.
Progress pics to come.

Hope the weather where you are
is just what you want.

Thanks for visiting!


Beth Pearce said...

We got the cold and a very little snow. My son in Maine is really hoping for that snow since he is involved with Maine having a national cross country skiing event there. I guess to each his own - LOL

Terri said...

We got snow, too, but not nearly as much as you. I live near Indianapolis and we only got about 2 inches, but it's cold!! I hate snow also, as well as the cold!! Give me an 80 degree, sunny day any time!!!

Wahhh! I haven't gotten my catalog yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

cucki said...

Hello dear I love snow so much but here in Africa it is summer here and hot days are here ...
Keep well dear and stay warm
Hugs cucki xxx

CalamityJr said...

We got 4-5 down here in Peoria. I postponed taking my pal to the vet from yesterday until today, but that's about all I've changed. Hope you feel better soon!

Meari said...

I'm with you on the snow! I had to dig out a 28" drift from in front of my garage door before I could even put my car away after work.

Boo. I haven't gotten my catalog yet. :(

Hope you feel better soon.