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Friday, January 20, 2012

My New 2012 Plan

Hey Blog Buddies,

I'm usually a serial stitcher:  once I start something, it will usually get finished (with a few notable exceptions) before I start something new.  This year, I thought I'd try a rotation of four items.  Once an item gets finished, a new one will take its place.  (We'll see how long this lasts.)

Snow Patches was Item 1.  Item 2 (are you ready?) is none other than the Uptown Stitcher.  She actually deserved to be Item 1, but she'll take whatever she can get.

It doesn't really look like much progress was made.
But, I finished the details in her boots,
gave her some grass to stand on,
added all the yellow French knots to her dress,
drew the outline for the shape of the background
and started doing the Alicia lace stitching
on all the areas that aren't Her.

Alicia lace (a new-to-me stitch)
is just criss-crossed backstitching,
done on the diagonal.
It's not at all hard to do, but very time-consuming.
(Basketweave would go quicker.)
I'm doing it with one strand of DMC 341.

We'll have to wait and see
what projects will emerge as Items 3 and 4.

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Good luck!

And thanks for visiting!


cucki said...

hello deary, it is truly a very stunning project..
happy stitching with big hugs xx

Patty C. said...

I love the specialty stitches - cute pattern

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

She is adorable. All of the specialty stitches really set it off.

Sarah said...

Lovely stitching, all the speciality stitches at such interesting textures too her!