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Monday, June 18, 2012

June IHSW: Two Small Finishes

Hey Blog Buddies,

It was a little too warm and humid here over the weekend (for my taste), so I did stay and hermit in the air-conditioned indoors and got a lot of stitching done this weekend, to-wit:

My first attempt at reversible blackwork.

This was a guild project from about 5 years back.
I had actually taken a few stitches in it
and then put it away.  You know how that goes...

The stitches themselves are simple
(one little straight stitch over two threads).
But the diagram was something else!
All the stitches were numbered and
had a specific direction.
And there was no grid!!!
There were a couple of over-one-thread stitches
that caught me by surprise.
They were hard to differentiate
from the slightly longer lines.
This was not something I could do
and watch (or even listen to) TV at the same time.

Here is a close-up of part of the back--
yes, it is truly reversible.
But weaving the loose ends into the existing stitching
still looks somewhat messy to me.
I found out the hard way
that I should use the straight line on the outer border
for all my tail weavings.
This was a good practice project,
and I'll probably be using it as a bookmark.
But it's not "gift" quality.

After that, my second finish was a true no-brainer:

4th of July by Lizzie*Kate--cute and quick!
And it's not even July yet!!
Now to get it mounted and framed.
(I have a red frame that will work.)
And there's a small cubbyhole waiting for it
in my little seasonal bookcase.

That's it for this month.
To find links to all the other hermitters
participating in
International Hermit and Stitch Weekend,
click here.
Thanks, Joyce for hosting this!
Hope your weekend was fun.
And thanks, as always, for visiting!


Ruth said...

I love your blackwork, its wonderful and very neat on the reverse. The 4th of July piece is lovely and will look great in a red frame. Looks like you had a great IHSW

geeky Heather said...

Congrats on the blackwork, it looks great!! No one is going to look at it that closely. =) Love the 4th of July finish, too.

Sarah said...

The blackwork looks great, I don't think anyone would notice it's imperfections (I had to look very hard at that close up to tell where you'd woven in the ends)

Keebles said...

Very beautiful work! A few years ago I bought tons of blackwork patterns, but as of yet haven't touched them...too scared!

Carla said...

I can se you had a good stitchy weekend :)
Both finishes are beautiful! Well done!!

Mary said...

I've learned something new about blackwork just in reading your post! Thanks for sharing.

Chris said...

Your Blackwork is beautiful!!
I love the LK finish too!
Have a great week :)

Delphyne said...

Your finishes are beautiful! Excellent work.

Bea said...

Love the blackwork, and July is a cute finish. Well done.

Maureen said...

I love your blackwork piece and I didn't realise that the second picture was the back!

Cute little Lizzie Kate as well - the red frame sounds perfect for it!

Patty C. said...

Love your finished work ;)

Karen said...

Your reversible blackwork piece is GORGEOUS! I didn't even see that tail tucked in there until you mentioned it.

Mangogirl said...

Beautiful stitching I love that reversible blackwork! way too much effort for me!