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Monday, June 4, 2012

WIPocalypse 2012 - June Report

Hey Blog Buddies,

May was a much more productive month for me than April, so I've got a few things to show you.  Let's start with a finish!  Here's the before photo:

And here's the finish,
Alessandra Adelaide's CT13:

Rainforest Revisited by Needle Delights Originals
also got some love in May.
Here's the before picture:

I added eight more squares since then
(the top and bottom rows):

Last and probably least,
at this point anyway,
I made a start on Raise the Roof's "Crabby All Year."
It's on my list because I've had the charts for quite a while.
So, say hello to June:

"B"?  Really??
Yes, June is "Bugs!"

I had a bad moment with it this morning.
As you can see, I did measure for the center and
basted a line down the middle.
Trying to be careful here
because this is another BAP.
I'm doing all the months on one piece of linen.
Then it hit me:
there's an 80-thread header I forgot about!
I vaguely remembered Joy at House of Stitches
telling me I was getting a little extra
when she cut the fabric.
(I think my measurements were
almost equal to the width of the fabric.)
So I counted, and there's plenty of room at the top!

That's it for this month.
Hope your month was productive, too!
And thanks for visiting!


Mouse said...

ooooo love your finish ... gorgeous rain forest and PHEWWWW with the crabby all year one ... that was lucky .... :) love mouse xxxxx

mdgtjulie said...

I love your finish. It's beautiful. And the colors you used are gorgeous. Great job. And the Rainforest is beautiful too. Glad you have enough fabby left at the top for the header, and ewwww, bugs. I could do without those, lol. said...

You have some exceptional projects on the go - great job on getting another one into the finished pile this month :) I'm especially loving seeing your canvaswork progress, and it's giving me the urge to pick up one of mine that needs to be started! :)

Chris said...

Beautiful progress :)

Faith... said...

I love the Rainforest Revisited it is gorgeous! The Tree is lovely also.

Katri said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Wow, you have such beautiful stitching here! I really like the Alessandra Adelaide design.

And the ort bag in an earlier post is so pretty and practical; I saved the instructions.

Veronica said...

Um... Is that smoke I see coming from your needle? ^.^ Congratulations on finishing CT13. It's gorgeous! Rainforest Revisited is progressing beautifully too. Cute new start.


Paisley said...

Love your finish, and Rainforest Revisited looks fabulous!

Carla said...

Well done!! Love the colors in rainforest!
Nice start on Crabby All Year...look forward to seeing more of it :)

Sara said...

Lovely projects, I especially like your tree. Congrats on the finish!

Mangogirl said...

lovely stitching and great finish!