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Friday, August 31, 2012

WIPocalypse 2012 - August Blue Moon Report

Hey Blog Buddies,

The dog is done!  Yes, I'm talking about Boris by Plum Street Samplers.  Once I got all of the frogging out of the way, he seemed to go very quickly.

He gives everyone a menacing stare
because he'd like to be thought of as a bad-a**,
but you know he's in touch with his feminine side.
Why else would he have gotten that
lovely sunflower tattoo?
I substituted green for the ecru in the bone,
so it would show up.
(The ground really is ecru and not pink, like in the photo.)
The top piece of "fruit" in the bowl was originally charted as ecru, too.
I decided not to stitch his whiskers
because I thought it made him look too much like a cat!
I bought a frame for him, and I'm going to attempt to frame him myself.
The frame is only 8" x 8", so how hard can it be?
(You probably shouldn't answer that!)

I did some work on Crabby all Year, too.
Here's April:

Imagine that you see long, straight stitches on the tax form.
(The folks at Raise the Roof advised stitching them last.)

The entire Crabby design is very specific not only to the USA,
but also to areas that have a humid continental climate,
like northern Illinois.
So to those of you not living in the USA I ask,
do you pay income taxes in April like we do?
If not, what month are they due?

I even finished August!

We use an herbicide on our pathetic little lawn
so we don't have dandelions there,
but they actually grow in the cracks in the sidewalk!

Here are the five months which I've completed thus far:
The piece won't look wavy once it comes off the scroll frame
and gets mounted and framed.
But I can't not show you my monthly progress (heaven forbid!),
so you'll be looking at waves for quite some time!

I also started and finished the third LJP ornament
which was featured in my last post--I won't make you look at it again.
Only two more of those ornaments to go!
One finish and three mini-finishes from my WIPocalypse list:
 "I done good" this month!

To check out everyone else's WIPocalypse progress,

Until next month, have a fun and safe Labor Day holiday
if you're a USA blog buddy.
To all my international blog buddies, have a groovy weekend!
And thanks, as always, for visiting!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love your Crabby Year!
Here in the UK the Tax Year starts in April but we PAYE (Pay as you earn) so you pay tax every month if you have a regular job.
If you're self-employed then you have to fill a form in, the deadline for paper forms is October but it's January for online forms. Then you have to pay the tax owed.
Tax Credits are extra money paid to the low waged and people with children on low to mid wages. They want your estimated figures by July and confirmed figures by January!
Complicated? Not much!

Mouse said...

oooo boris is fab :) just love him ... well done on your crabby year too ....
see Jo's answer to the tax system ... in a nut shell
hope you have a fab weekend :) love mouse xxxx

Chris said...

Boris looks great! I love your description of him and his feminine side.

robindefender said...

Boris is adorable (it takes a real man to let his girly side show!), and Crabby is looking great. I pin my own stitching now, and it's all survived so far, so I'm sure you will do a fantabulous job with framing Boris (but good luck all the same).

Julie said...

Boris looks superb andCrabbys growing well.

Lynn said...

As a Canadian I can tell you that our income taxes work pretty well the same as in the U.S and ours are due on April 30th. I think you have a few more tax advantages than we do. We can't claim our mortgage payments but I think you can.

Boris is amazing!!! I love your colour changes. It does make things stand out more. I've stitched Olga but Boris is still waiting in the wings. I like your idea of leaving off the whiskers too.

Giovanna said...

Congrats on finishing Boris - he's too cute! I love the idea of him having a feminine side :-)

Love the Crabby project too. I have taxes taken off my salary each month, then in May I have to present my statement for the previous solar year (that's where I declare deductible expenses), and as I always have a return, it's added on my salary in July. So July is a non-crabby month for me :-)

Beth Pearce said...

Great stitching - I am a big fan of Raise the Roof - might have to do those monthlies.

Silverlotus said...

Lovely stitching! And I agree with you about Crabby All Year. I really love it, but it doesn't quite work for a Canadian. lol! Still, I think it is a super fun design.

EvalinaMaria said...

Nice progress,well done!

Carla said...

Love Boris!!!<3

Happy Baker said...

Boris came out great and I am sure you will do fine with the frame work as well. Crabby is coming along real nice. You do such nice work, I am inspired yet again!!

Mia said...

Hi, thank you for your visit on my blog :)
Love your stitching!
Have a nice weekend!