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Friday, September 7, 2012

Derailed by a Pumpkin!

Hey Blog Buddies,

A few days ago, I was blog hopping and ran across a lovely Shepherd's Bush design, which got me to thinking...  Take Joy by Shepherd's Bush is on my WIPocalypse list--and it's a small design which would be easy to finish.  I even have the little box that goes with it!   It should definitely go into my rotation.  However, the kit (yes, it came in a kit with fabric and threads) did not make it into my to-be-worked-on WIPocalypse bin, so I had to go searching for it in the (ahem) larger bins.  So while I was pawing through all the goodies in the first bin I opened (I should have more of a handle on where everything is, shouldn't I?), I came across Secret Pumpkin Patch by The Trilogy--a cute little seasonal design.

The design came with the fabric,
and I'm using DMC threads from my stash.

I haven't located Take Joy yet.
It wasn't in that first bin!

Hope you have a fun weekend!
Thanks for visiting!


cucki said...

Aww so cute
Happy stitching xxx

Anna van Schurman said...

Side-tracked stitching...welcome to the club! ;) It is a cutie!

Shaunterria Owens said...

I really do love seasonal stitches, especially autumn/Halloween ones. Yours looks great so far! Can't wait to see more :)


Lynn said...

A perfect fall start! I also have this chart in my stash and had forgotten all about it until I saw your start. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your progress.

Karen said...

I can see why you got distracted! It's adorable so far! :)

Joysze said...

Too cute! :D