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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Molly Giveaway!

Hey Blog Buddies,
Today is our dog Molly's Gotcha Day,
the first anniversary of the day we adopted her.

She's such a cutie, but I'm somewhat biased.
In honor of this special day, we're having a giveaway.
Uh, no, she isn't the giveaway!

It's a modest little giveaway.
If you're a reader of this blog, you'll recognize the charts...

The chart for Needle Delights Originals' Rainforest Revisited,
the chart for Plum Street Sampler's Boris,
and one of my little ort bags, for good measure.

To get a chance to win,
just leave a comment on this post
and answer two questions:
How many, and what kinds of companion animals
have lived with you over the years?
Feel free to go into as much detail as you like.
If the answer is none, that's OK, too.

I'll start off:
I grew up in a city apartment that didn't allow pets,
but we did have an assortment of goldfish
and a couple of small turtles from the dime store.
Sad, I know.
As an adult, I made up for lost time.
Here they are, in order:
Maxine, tri-color basset hound;
Moonshine, yellow lab-staff;
Governor, tri-color beagle;
Frazier, orange mackerel tabby cat;
Agnes, tri-color basset hound;
Mandy, black-and-tan German Shepherd Dog;
Timmy, tri-color basset hound;
Beulah, tri-color basset hound (there's a pattern here!).
All these guys and gals are now in dog heaven.
Frazier, too--he absolutely loved dogs, and it's a good thing he did!
And finally, Molly, our black lab/pointer/scent hound mix,
adopted from the humane society a year ago today.

Your turn!

Deadline to enter is midnight, Chicago time,
on Sunday, September 23, 2012.
Molly and I will draw the winner's name the following day,
and post it on the blog.
Make sure you include a way for me to reach you.

Molly is ready for her close-up!

She wishes you good luck
and thanks you for visiting!


lanybleu said...

Happy 1st Anniversary Molly.
I will just list who we have now.
We have
Molly, Tom and Timmy our Golden Retrievers.
Three cats, Maggy, Coby and Libby
Tielk our Cockatiel
A big tank full of Marine fish, snails, crabs and shrimps.
4 Bluebell Hens and countless Pigeons.
Ohh and firmly locked in his tank is a corn snake (my daughters) I keep well away.
Thanks for the giveaway, its been a fun one.

Silverlotus said...

Happy 1st anniversary to Molly. She is just lovely!

Right now we don't have any animals, but I've had a few over the years.

We had an African Grey parrot when I was very small, but he caught a cold and died when I was about 3-years old.
Penny was my first cat, but we had to get rid of her. I was probably in grade 2.
Next, we had a dog named Spike. Sadly, a visitor accidentally let him out when she came in and he was run over. That would have been grade 4.
Then there was Max, a dog I loved with all my heart. He passed away when I was in university. His companion for many years was a lovely cat named Isis, who passed away just over 2.5 years ago.
There have also been various fishes, but none of them really made a lasting impact (or lasted very long!).

Also, thanks for the super giveaway!

geeky Heather said...

Yay, Molly!! I'd love a chance to win.

Let's order more or less...probably less...
Fitz, a beagle who I barely remember, who lived there before I did =)
Whiskers, a miniature schnauzer, who I named because of what his beard looked like after he'd drunk from his bowl
Puff, a teddy bear hamster who liked to crawl into my sleeves (with such a creative name as well, LOL!)
a tiny turtle whose name I sadly cannot remember
various fish
Tweety Bird, a green/yellow budgie (OH MY GOSH I STINK AT ANIMAL NAMES!)
various gerbils that reproduced at an alarming rate...too fast to name, I think! I much preferred my hamster!
Tabitha, a wonderful Siamese cat whom I still miss terribly
Twinkle, a fluffy gray cat and one of Tabitha's first litter, who was THE sweetest-tempered cat I've EVER seen
Alabaster, a gorgeous fluffy snow white cat with grey tips, from Twinkle's first litter, who sadly was killed a week after we had her spayed and a week before we moved
...and then college happened and I discovered that I'm actually allergic to cats (mildly) and then I married my hubby who's VERY allergic to pretty much anything with fur. =(

I desperately want a BUNNY!

Eva said...

Happy Anniversary to Molly! thanks for the chance to win!

Due to allergies, I don't have any animals living with me right now. I have lots of grandpuppies and grandkitties, though, and many of them have spent some time living with me.

Mark's dog, Cassie, lived with me for about six months. Tony's dog, Murphy, lived with me from the time he was adopted until Tony moved out, so a about a year and a half. The kitties have come to visit for longer stays quite often. We have also had lots of fish, but there are too many names to remember, and I could never tell which was which as they were swimming around in the tank.

Melody said...

Happy adoption day to Molly. She is such a pretty dog.

I have always lived with a pet or two, growing up at home, and then it continued into married years.

Since we've been married; 28 yrs. First year in an apartment we weren't allowed to have pets, but then after moving from there, we had
Jesse; a mixed breed dog we adopted from the Shelter. She turned out to be a sweet gentle dog.
Tabitha; a Siamese cat
Sammy; a black lab adopted from a farm home
Snowflake; a white cat that found his way to our house during a blizzard
Sadie; a Siamese cat adopted from a shelter
Sophie; a Siamese cat adopted from a shelter
Ranger; a gray tabby brought home by my husband. (kittens were dumped in the parking lot at his work)
Simon; a white male adopted from shelter
Annie; a Siamese adopted from Brother-in-law's family
Joplin; rescued from a farm as a motherless kitten.

These are just the ones I can recall at the moment, We just have the 4 cats mentioned last living with us now. All the others lived out their lives with us and have passed on to the pet hereafter.

Parsley said...

Warms the heart to see other dogs that got a good home. Congrats to her adoption-versary.

I currently have 6 dogs, 3 others have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. (pics on my sidebar) We also currently have a pigeon, pet rat, gerbil and fish. Have had pet mice and guinea pigs in the past. lol

cucki said...

Happy 1st anniversary Molly :) She is so cute..
We had gold fishes..parrots ..and now we have a sweet kitty maloo and a turtle .
Thank you for such a sweet giveaway
Love cucki xxx

Emma said...

Molly is lovely!

Here is my list, from the age of 2 I have never been in a house without at least one pet :)

First, when I was two we got Susie, a Cavalier King Charles, I grew up with her, I always smile when I see one out and about as it brings back so many memories. She lived to the grand age of 14 and till the very last moment her tail never stopped wagging :)

While we still had Susie we got Chloe the cat, she was born under a farm shed next to my Dads house so we gave her a home, she is now 12 and has retired to the country and keeps my mother company.

Next up was Robbie and Henry, a Rabbit and Guinea Pig. They loved each other so much the pet shop would not sell them separately as Henry would cry everytime you took Robbie out of the cage.

While Chloe was still living with me I got Charlie the cat. He was 3 months old and had already had 3 different owners. He is a cheeky little scamp and is my blogger photo.

Finally to Sheldon (yes, we are Big Bang Theory fans) who we have had a whole 24 hours. At 8 weeks old him and two other kittens were found abandoned. Me been the soft touch I am agreed we could have him. At the moment he is fast asleep across my arm making typing this very difficult!!

grannystitches said...

Happy 1st Anniversary I want to thank you for your generous giveaway. I grew up in foster care so I had no pets so sad I know, but as I hit 18 and started having my own family at 19 I started getting cats with that being said I fostered many cats and found good homes I had a few that were strictly mine but I had adopted them older so they didn't live a very long time but I loved them every minute I had with them. I know have one cat she is six months old and I have a kitten I rescued she was about to go into a shelter and this time of year they do experiments on black cats and rituals you know folks are sick. I couldn't see that happen the kitten is seven weeks old she is a fireball she smacks me and runs she is named midnight when she goes under my bed you can barely find her she is all black long hair with a little brown in between, she has a white splash under her chin and on her stomach.Her head is shaped like stewie from family guy. My other furkid is a tabby lite grey with some brown mixed in she is a sweetheart I rescued her when she was seven weeks also. I couldn't see my life without the girls I love them so much!

Minnie said...

Growing up the only pets we had weren't actually pets they were my father's hunting dogs which stayed outside in a pen. When I in high school a lady gave me a puppy, he was a Chihuahua but he was twice the size as both his parents so his name was Brutus. Thank you for the giveaway and happy anniversary to Molly.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I stopped by to say...absolutely amazing needle "match book" covers! How nice was that of you to make those for your students. Lovely.

Can't speak about pets without lots of tears so I just won't go into it.


Katri said...

Happy Gotcha Day to Molly and you all!

Ooh, wouldn't it have been lovely to win Molly :-) My dog would have been so happy about that as well, but I guess the customs and all that stuff would have been too much of a hassle ;-)

My family got a dog the year I started school (my grandparents' dog had puppies). He lived to be nearly 16, I was all grown up when we had to let him go.

Couple of years after that I got my fist "own" dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog, who also lived a long life (nearly 14 years). He was stubborn, with a puckish sense of humour. Lovely combination :-) When he was six, I got another Bernese. That one was the center of the world, or at least that's what he thought... I lost them both in 2007, about 8 months apart. Junior was 8 years old.

Now I have yet another Bernese, he's nearly 4, and such a sweetie. Very sociable, still likes to play a lot (he's a wicked soccer player).

Sarah said...

Happy anniversary to Molly!!

I would love the chance to win the rainforest revisted pattern, I've been admiring it ever since you started it :D

Our current apartment doesn't allow pets (boo hoo) so we have nothing at the moment. But I've had Leah, who was a Samoyed - when I was little she was bigger than me and would sit and block me from getting through the hallway. Currently half (my parents have her) have Tess, who is a spaniel/black lab cross. Cats: Tuffy, Rosie, Munter (that ones NZ slang) and currently Maddie (or Mad, which is shorter and describes her character better)

Giovanna said...

Thanks for offering this great giveaway! The only pet I ever had was a goldfish, which my dad's students had put in his glass of water as a joke, just before he came in the hall to give a lecture on April 1st (fortunately he spotted it before drinking!) I love cats and would dearly love to have one or two, but I just wouldn't be able to manage them well in our cramped flat, and when we travel. Congrats on Molly's anniversary!

Terri said...

What fun questions! I don't know if I can count that high - we've always had pets of some kind. Dogs, cats (mom used to raise Siamese), birds (A Mynah bird and a Cockatiel), a bunny, fish, and tadpoles. (I raised 2 boys hence the reptiles)

The most recent - a cat Topaz, who passed away about 2 years ago and Rudy, a Golden Retriever who passed away about 5 years ago.

My current dogs are Allie and Kody and you can see some pics on my blog -

Happy Baker said...

Molly is a wonderful dog and she is in a very good home - thank goodness!!

Right now we have:
Lexi (f), Chocolate Lab/German Wirehaired Pointer, adopted at age 1 (or there abouts) and is now 9;

Bella (f), domestic short hair cat black with silver circles, green eyes, tiny girl, adopted at age 1 (about) and is now 7;

Nemo (m), domestic short hair cat tanish/orange with orange eyes - big boy, very long, loves to play, adopted at 11 months and is now 4;

Abbey (f), Lab/Hound/Terrier - not sure, she is blond like a lab, has a "goatee" like a terrier and a snout like a hound - so we don't really know, she is quite a handful for 55 lbs. adopted from the pound, she will be 1 year (or so we think) in October

we have a few fish, a snow leopard gecko (that also needed to be adopted because she was going to be food for a bigger reptile because her color was undesirable) and of course a tank of crickets as she needs to eat live food!! to give animals good homes, they deserve it!!!

The Mad Stitcher said...

Happy Adoption Day, Molly!

I have had pets since I was a child. Because of allergies It was always a dog or fish. I love to keep my aquaria up and running even today.
My most favorite dog was Peanut. He was actually given to my son when he was about 5 years old but Peanut didn't know that. He adopted me and was forever my companion. When we lost him it truly broke my heart.

Maureen said...

Happy 1st anniversary to Molly - she's a cutie.

Have always been a cat person, from my childhood we had

Buttons - a big tabby who we found under our rhubard bush.
Ginger - names speaks for itself, only lived a few weeks
Honey - a tortieshell who sadly died at a 1 year old after being hit by a car
Cindy - a cheekly little black and white thing who lived to about 18, outliving my mother..

from adulthood

Goldie - my big fluffy persian. I simply adored him and was heartbroken when he went.

Poppy - our current resident, a bit of everything.

Joysze said...

Happy Adoptionary, Molly!!! :D Love that pic of her!!

Animals.... we only have fish right now. They're easier.

Growing up we had a dog we named Glory. And then when hubby and I were dating, we had a cockatiel we named Cookie, after his first Cockatiel. Our poor baby flew to him one day when he was opening the door for the pizza guy and flew right out the door and headed to the park next to our rental. Hubby spent all afternoon there calling to him, and he could hear Cookie calling back but he didn't know how to come back. :(

Meari said...

Let's see...

When I was a toddler, my parents got a dog. After it bit me, they got rid of it.

Living on a farm, we found 4 baby kittens which was perfect... one for me and each of my siblings. The two that survived were called Mama Kitty and Tom Kitty.

Then we had a dog named Susie. Then several poodles, an Irish Setter, an Afghan, a Samoyed, and a few other dogs.

As an adult, there have been 3 labs (choc, yellow, black), 3 cats, and two pomeranians.

Oh, and I've had fish and a cockatiel.

Currently, I just have the Pom... her name is Celeste.

Do raccoons and owls count, too? LOL

MaryT said...

Thanks for this lovely giveaway. Our last Cocker Spaniel was also named Molly and she was black. We have had a German Shepherd named Max, a black lab named OT Lamb,2 other Black Cockers named Princess and then Baby. and a Beagle named Boots, we lost Boots on December 23, 2011 and Molly in August 2011. All of our dogs have lived long lives and we miss them something awful. Now we have 2 cats Holly a Tuxedo that my DH gave me for Christmas thus the name:) Then early this Spring we hand a feral cat show up and his name is Tip he is yellow and white. DH told me you'll never be able to touch that cat! But I proved him wrong, I told him give me 2 weeks and I'll be holding him, I was right!:) I can even brush him and he loves it! I need to mention that most of our animals came from and we have adopted older animals because we have always felt like they were getting a second chance. the worst problem with this is that we don't get to keep them as long as we would if we had adopted a puppy.

Mary Louise in IN

Karen said...

I don't have any pets now, so, I will tell you of the ones I've had in the past. My first pet and best friend was a Golden Labrador Retriever named Fletcher. He was my very best friend and I don't think I ever got over him and never became nearly as attached to any other dog I've owned. We also had a couple of angora rabbits that were tempermental to say the least. We couldn't even pet them.... Some mallard ducks lived in a pond in the back yard. The babies were so cute! A couple of hampsters and some goldfish as well. We've had 3 Collies (Chelsey, Thomas, and Lassie) that I loved and the last of the three was put down only a few short months ago. So, sadly, at this point in my life I have no pets and its not likely that I will have any in the near future. But I look forward to a time that I will be able to have a smaller dog again.

robindefender said...

Great giveaway!

As an infant: Sandy a beagle-ish mutt,
As a child, and in order:
Poco, a chihuahua-ish mutt
Scamp, another chihuahua-ish mutt
Sneakers, the love of my teenhood, a cocker spaniel-ish mutt;

As an adult, I became the crazy cat lady, taking in stray animals that wandered into my back yard (I have also found homes for many more stray cats):
Princess, the oldest, is fat, black, and beautiful;
Semi, an orange tabby who I took in at 4 weeks, and who broke my heart by only living for 6 hilarious years;
Miss Priss, a black, tan, and white tabby, who I 'catnapped' when I found her birthing babies on my back porch (I'd been feeding her for a while) and who decided that she actually loved me and didn't want to leave after about 6 months of being imprisoned in my bathroom;
Spike, a tuxedo cat, who lived in my bathroom for the first 6 months of her life;
Tigger, a black and tan tabby, who also lived in my bathroom for the first 6 months of his life,
Lucky, a gray tabby, another feral who I made friends with while he was a kitten and who has survived a car accident and a mysterious lung disease in his young life (only 7 lives left!);
and finally, Scout, a white cat with silly stripes in his brown spots, who came to me with a shearing injury to his jaw. I paid for his little mouth to be surgically fixed, intending to give him away. That was about a year ago.

So if you're keeping count, that's 6 cats currently living in my home with my wonderfully tolerant husband of 5 months!

Marcy said...

Happy adoption day, Molly!
What a fun idea! Let's see if I can remember them all ....
Diamonds, the kitten I brought home as a small child, my mom couldn't say 'NO'.
Suzi, the family brittany spaniel gotten so dad could hunt and to get my 2 y.o. brothers over their fear of dogs.
Bouncer, our family beagle.
A tankful of guppies -- nameless.
A couple turtles (whose names escape me).
My hamsters, Cinnamon (favorite and such a sweetie), Ashley (horrible creature) and there was a third one between them but I can't remember it's name.
Willy, my very first dog, a little black mix of some kind, that died a week after I rescued him from the shelter :(
Cuddles, my second dog, a spaniel mix and total sweetie.
Matthew, my first and most favorite cat, I got him to keep Cuddles company and just loved him. He was soooo bad! Always getting into everything.
Lucky, me second kitty, dumb as a rock but sooo pretty.
Daisy, beagle-basset mix. Great dog, she taught me so much about training dogs.
Holly, Shih tzu, a wonderful little girl.
Calla, my third and last kitty. I found her on the road with cars driving over her. She was so scared.
Stormy, 13 y.o. terrier mix, my agility dog and such a fun fellow. Now he's a little old man and mostly retired.
Willow, 10 yo beagle, she will always be a pup at heart. Aunt to Meadow and Spider.
River, 8 yo papillon, the most nervous little fellow I've ever met.
Firefly, 8 yo papillon, a total snuggle bunny.
Shasta, 6 yo beagle, most interesting personality, couch potato and momma to the next two.
Meadow, 3 yo beagle, sweet like her mom but not so lazy.
Spider, 1.5 yo beagle, he's a pistol, definitely not a couch potato. He's going to be fun in the agility ring.
I think that's all .....

Marcy said...

OMG! After reading some comments I remember I totally forgot about Mikey! Mikey was a blue parakeet that my great Aunt gave to us (remember my mom couldn't say 'NO'). She named him after her dead husband. How odd is that??

Thanks! this was fun going down pet-memory lane.

pj said...

Molly deserves a special day! She is beautiful and congrats! I am actually a cat lover and have never owned a dog. I have always owned persians and have had 5 over the we have a beautiful Silver Chinchilla Persian named Bella and she is 2 years old. They are work but so much joy!

Thanks for the nice giveaway...I love your ort holders!!!! pj in iowa

stitchinrose said...

Happy Birthday Molly!

I think I will just list the animals I have had since I have been an adult, we always had dogs when I was a kid. So here it goes

Frisco - dog
Buffy - dog (actually she was my husbands)
Jessica - dog
Lucky - cat
Windy - cat
Spooky - Cat
Sweetie - dog
Snickers - dog

In the house now are
InuKage - dog
Abby - dog
Peanut - dog
Sango - dog
Chibi - dog
Rocky - cat
Lefty - cat
Hermine - cat
Weasley - cat
Hicaroo - cat
Meecie - cat
Evie - cat

some where pound adoptions, but sad to say a lot were dumped and we adopted them.

lynda said...

Happy anniversary to Molly!
We've had dogs and sometimes also cats since I was a little girl. All different breeds, all different sizes. We currently have two dogs, Boonie (our golden retriever) and Eros (a Britney Spaniel/Lab mix), and two kitties, Jack and Sabrina (but we always call her little kitty).

Anne said...

Happy Birthday to Molly! Such a sweet puppoosky :D

I would love to be entered in your giveaway (I have one too so hop on over :D)

Let's see...pets.

I'll start with when I was a young girl, the first dog that entered my life was my darling Cheeka. She was a cross of cocker and something else. My grandparents found her attached to a pole. Someone abandoned her. But she came home with us and I am told, I would ride poor Cheeka and play with her all day! I was two so forgive me! My mom told me that Cheeka used to sleep under my crib at night so I suppose she forgave me!

Then there was a white fluffy Persian cat. Can't remember her name but we didn't have her long as she "vanished".

Then there was Barney. My Dad got him for me but he didn't live with us for long. He had distemper.

Then Harry, a big black Labrador cross with Rottweiler. We rescued him but he broke off his leash (it was a chain leash) and ran onto the highway.

Not much luck with animals as you can see.

Then there was Daisy. Sweet Daisy. She was my beloved Border Collie. We had her for awhile but she had to be given away on a farm(she bit a kid). Not sure how that happened but it did.

Then Charlie. My darling sweet boy Charlie, a Springer Spaniel. We had him for the longest time, 9 years. I adored him and he passed away at 11 years old. fluffy Cocker Spaniel. I didn't think I'd love another dog after Charlie but Poohbah sure won my hear. He was a rescue too and he lived a long time and passed away about 5 years ago. My heart hurt for a long time afterwards.

Cats. I've had two cats in my life due to my husband and since we live in an apartment that doesn't allow dogs. Dear Lucy lived til she was 17 + years old. She passed away last year and I miss her terribly...but our new kitty, Titus has warmed our hearts (he's featured on my blog regularly)

Sorry for the long animal list. My heart is sort of sad now thinking of my pets.

Shaunterria Owens said...

Happy anniversary Molly! Right now we have a cat named Romulus (Rome for short), five goldfish, five zebra fish and two "sucker" fish. Once we move into a larger place, i have been promised a dog :)


Linda said...

Happy Anniversary Molly. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. We have 10 cats - Mr. D, Morris, MoonDragon, Midnite, Mocha, Miss Murphy, Sparky, Snowflake, Sassy and Smeegol. We have 2 Miniature Schnauzers - Max and Rocky.

Thanks for the chance to enter, Linda