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Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey Blog Buddies,

How is your summer/winter going?  Did you have any time to stitch this past weekend?  Despite being "gone" for a day and a half of this past 3-day International Hermit & Stitch (IHSW) weekend, I managed to work on two new and very different projects.

The first one is...

Lofty Pumpkin by Twisted Threads.
There are two options:
just the pumpkin stitched over two--the model is 32-count--
or the "scissor weight" with specialty stitches, over 1.

I chose the over-one option,
but used 28-count Lugana instead of 32-count linen.
It's not the over-one that's driving me crazy
(a very short trip)
but all the blasted confetti stitching!
This project has now been lovingly placed
at the bottom of my rotation pile.
The other project that I started is
Needle Delights Originals' Tangerine Twist.
Zany, huh?
I grabbed this chart as soon as I saw it,
not so much for the design as for the colors.
It will go nicely with the quilted wallhanging
that I finished earlier this year.
See photo of that here.
Okay, there is no green in this design,
but it's close enough to be a nice
companion piece.
Here is my progress so far.
I really love this design--photos don't do it justice.
It's challenging enough so that it's certainly not boring,
but not so difficult that it's frustrating.
The cashmere stitches
(on the diagonal stripe right next to the yellow eyelets)
were the worst so far
because of all the compensation stitches!
Right now I'm torn between finishing this square
and starting my June Halloween ornament
to stay on track with the 2013 Halloween SAL.
I have too many projects,
and most of them seem to know my name!
That's it from here.
To check out all the other IHSW stitchers,
go to Joyce's Random Ramblings blog, here.
Until next time, thanks for visiting!


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching x

Mouse said...

oooo you were busy even with not being there all the time ... love your new starts and can't wait to see more of them :) love mouse xxxxxx

Linda said...

Great new starts.


Chris said...

Tangerine twist is looking amazing. Such fun stitches. I would keep working on it!

Carla said...

Great starts!!

Julie said...

Tangerine twist is spectacular, lots of pretty stitches in that one.

Carol said...

What great new projects! Challenging, but not frustrating sounds perfect :)

The Maiden said...

Oh my, such tiny stitches for specialty work- but so far the pumpkin looks great!

Jan Gartlan said...

Great stitching. I love the pumpkin

Fidike said...

Very interesting! I love the second one.

Anne said...

I can hardly wait to see how your "Autumn" over one thread comes out! The "Tangerine Twist" looks great, and I'm sure you're having lots of fun with the different stitches!

Stitching Noni said...

Great starts!! I love the Tangerine Twist! Great colours and interesting stitches - perfect combination :)