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Monday, June 10, 2013

Seasonal Smalls

Hey Blog Buddies,

I'd like to start off by saying thank you all so much for the love you gave to Crabby All Year.  I savor each comment in much the same way that I do White Chocolate Truffles.  (Now you know one of my guilty pleasures...)

There's nothing wrong with a little stockpiling, is there?
I wouldn't want to run out...
Ahem.  On to the stitching:
Here is my May ornament for the
May's theme was ghosts.
This is Bent Creek's District 13 - Jacks in the Box
stitched on 40-count linen with the recommended DMC.
I know the jacks outnumber the ghost 3 to 1,
but they had such personality, I couldn't resist.
And there is a ghost in the box, too!
I have my June tombstone design picked out
and once I stitch and finish that,
I'll be all caught up!
And now, just in time for Father's Day...
June from Prairie Schooler's Summer and Winter leaflet,
stitched on 36-count Natural linen
with the called-for DMC.
Yes, folks, that is a male red-wing blackbird feeding the kids.
(The females are brown and white.)
The only color that's technically "wrong" on him is his beak.
(They have black beaks.)
I looked it up in my "Birds of Illinois" book
after I had stitched the beak
(it was charted as gold)
and wasn't inclined to rip it out.
And yes, the males do take their turn in feeding the babies.
This was a fun stitch, and I loved the colors.
I am thinking of finishing this one a little differently,
and am torn between what I would like to do
and what I'm able to do.
Hope it gets finish-finished before the end of the month!
There are lots of cute designs in this leaflet,
so look for "August" coming in about a month.
That's it for now.
Hope you have the time to get some stitching in today.
Thanks as always for visiting!


cucki said...

Aww yummy chocolates and sweet stitches ..
Love and hugs x

Julie said...

The blackbird is such a cute design but the halloween finish to fabulous.
mmmm chocolate... is it too early for me to indulge, i've only just finished

Carol said...

Glad I'm not the only one with guilty chocolate pleasures!

Your smalls are so cute. I did the PS one last year, too. Looking forward o seeing the August one!

Lynn said...

There's nothing better than chocolate and stitching!

Your ornaments are really cute. That little ghost just makes me smile!

Anne said...

Aha! Learning more about you every day on this blog! The chocolates look yummy, and the "June" piece turned out great!!! I'll be interested to see how you decide to finish it.

Chris said...

OOOH White chocolate..I love it too.
I love your ghost ornament, fabulous finishing.
Don'y you love these PS designs? Your is so pretty.

Silverlotus said...

Great finishes!!

And, white chocolate Lindor? Oh, yes please! I love them. But I don't eat them anymore. :(

Melissa said...

That PS Blackbird sure is cute! Chocolate stashing is fun! Unlike stitching stash, one can be sure to go through chocolate stash much quicker! ;-)

ps Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Have a good day!

stitcheranon said...

Oh lovely finishes: and with chocolate!

Brigitte said...

Two very lovely finishes. I'm a huge PS fan and you are right - the book where you found June is just gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing how you will finish it.

Brigitte said...

... and I just wanted to add: Lindt chocolates are the best!