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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ornament Exchange

Hey Blog Buddies,

My EGA Chapter had its annual Christmas party this week, and we had an ornament exchange.  This is the ornament I brought:

This is one of the Lizzie*Kate Jingles designs,
stitched on 36-count natural linen.
Here is the ornament which I received,
stitched by Barb:
There has been some further progress
on Cool Cardinal:
You can see that I've gotten the
white sorted out.
Don't worry:  the bird is supposed to be
two shades of red!
Last but not least,
I received this great prize from Jo
for winning her
Awesome Autumn giveaway:
The bag itself is awesome
because everything except the border
is stitched over one.
On black.
And there was a delicious chocolate spider
tucked inside.
Thanks, Jo, I love it!
That's it from here.
Hope you have all your
holiday stitching done.
(I don't.)
And thanks, as always, for visiting! 


Minnie said...

Congrats on the win great gifts. I love both of those ornaments and can't wait to see your Cardinal finished.

Giovanna said...

Your cardinal is going to be awesome, and the ornies are lovely - well done to you and Barb

Chris said...

What lovely ornaments for the exchange!
Love the piece Jo stitched too.

Melody said...

Your exchange ornaments are great. Both Lizzie Kate designs? It is always fun to do these exchanges and see what the others in your group has made. We have ours on Monday night.

Carol said...

Nice exchange pieces!! I really like the candy cane cording you made for yours :) Glad to see you have the white worked out on Cool Cardinal--that is really a great design!

Julie said...

Lovely ornaments and such a superb gift win from Jo.