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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Start and 2013 Year in Review

Hey Blog Buddies,

Hope you all had a marvy holiday.  Ours was very enjoyable.  I got some time to stitch on my new start over the past week, and the theme was:

and more Beer
Yes, of course, I'm working on Ink Circles' 99.
The top shelf is done:
So it's 11 down and 88 to go!
The bottles are cute and colorful,
and I love the way they pop
against the Ale linen.
I'm thinking that this is one project
that DH will be inquiring about.  A lot.
I finish-finished a Christmas ornament, too,
but the recipient has not yet seen it,
so that will be a reveal in the new year.
I'm close to finishing LHN's Warm Winter Woolens,
and hope to get it done before year-end.
As for my 2013 goals, I had an overly ambitious list--
I knew that going in--but did manage 45 finishes.
The majority of them were small:
ornaments, seasonal smalls and such,
but I finished one or two larger projects as well.
If you're interested in photos,
just pop over to my 2013 Goals page,
the link for which is at the top of the blog.
Since I have a frightful amount of
projects all kitted up but not started
(they scare me every time I look at them),
I'm making a serious effort to buy
no new charts and very few threads/linen in 2014!
Can I do it?  Time will tell.
I've joined the Stitch from Stash SAL hosted by
which should help to keep me focused.
Sign-ups end on January 2nd.
Of course, there's the little matter of the
four workshops that I've signed up for in 2014!
But according to the Stitch from Stash rules,
they don't count if you keep stitching on the pieces
during the year.  Alrighty then!
Of course, I haven't forgotten my WIPs,
so just for fun I've joined the
2014 Turtle Trot SAL hosted by Claudette at BAP Attack.
Each participant picks 10 WIPs that he or she
wants to make progress on during the year,
and posts regular updates.
Many of mine are projects that
regular readers of this blog have seen in 2013,
but I'll also be trotting out (heheh)
some Oldies but Goodies, too.
That's it from here.
Have a fun and safe New Year's celebration,
and I'll see you all on the other side.
Thanks for visiting!


Sally said...

Nice new start!

I'm doing the Stitch from Stash too. I was doing it anyway but as soon as I saw the blog page I had to sign up!I have lots lined up to stitch :)

Happy New Year!

Mouse said...

ooooo nice start :) and so pleased DH will take an interest in our hobby
good luck with the stitchy goals and wish you a very merry New Year full of finishes and new starts from stash of course :) love mouse xxxxx

Anne said...

That's a great amount of finishes Pat!! You've done well on the stitchy front in 2013!! Good luck with the Stitching from Stash SAL!! I've considered entering too but my birthday month is January and I do all my ordering in that month since I get a nice bday discount :D I would blow the limit in one month! Lol!! Happy New Year!!

Julie said...

Fun new start. Good luck with your plans for the coming year. Happy New Year!

Fidike said...

Oh, this one is on my wishlist as well. But I have joined Stich from Stach too, so I will stich it maybe 2015:).

Giovanna said...

Lovely bottles - I must definitely pick mine up again soon. Happy 2014!

Anne said...

I'm quite amazed and a tad jealous of your 45 finishes for 2013! Like your cute new start and am impressed with your "stash" commitment!