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Sunday, January 5, 2014


Hey Blog Buddies,

It's been snowing here since yesterday evening and isn't predicted to stop until tonight, then we go into the deep freeze.  No one on our street has been out yet to shovel their driveways, and our street itself has not been cleared yet, so we are hunkering down at least until tomorrow, when the predicted high temperature will be -10 F but the snow will have (hopefully) stopped falling.

The snow this time around is pretty heavy,
as the drooping branches show.
(looking out my front window)
This is our goose on the deck,
attired in cape, hat, muff and lots of snow,
taken earlier in the day
when there was a short break in the precipitation.
But enough of the horrid snow
and on to the stitching.
I was able to finish LHN's Warm Winter Woolens
on the last day of 2013:
I am going to treat myself and
get this one finished professionally.
On New Year's Day I started the prework
for my canvaswork class at the
Nordic Needle Retreat coming up in April:
This will become an ort box.
I have done the borders for the top,
bottom and all four sides, so I am ready!
The past few days I've been stitching
a little something-something
that I can't show yet.
It's for my 3rd Blogoversary Giveaway
which will happen later this month,
so stayed tuned.
That's it from here.
If you're a victim of this winter storm that we're having,
stay warm and dry.
Thanks for visiting!


Terri said...

We've got 9 inches now near Indianapolis and still snowing and the wind is picking up, Great weather to stay in and stitch by the fire! Take care!

Carol said...

We seem to be in a little pocket of the U.S. that isn't experiencing those horrid snows! We only have about 4 inches here in Pittsburgh!! It is VERY cold, tomorrow the high will be zero, but not as bad as what you're experiencing... Hang in there--hope the thaw comes very soon.

At least you have an "indoor" hobby--love your latest finish!

Julie said...

A lovely cute little sheep.
I've just been watching the weather over the pond on our news channel, it looks brrrrr so cold over there. Stay cosy and warm.

Sharon said...

Yowza! those pictures remind me exactly why we moved to Florida! It is pretty though...
I love your stitching - so happy and cheerful! Have a wonderful time at your class! :)

Chris said...

Wow! Lots of snow. Stay safe and warm. I love your sheep finish!

Robin said...

Stay warm and dry and safe. Warm Woolen Mittens is the perfect stitch for your weather.

Carla Eldridge said...

It's wonderful that you are taking the weather in stride and stitching! Strangely, you all are getting the colder snowier weather in the lower 48 than we are up here in Alaska. The temp just dropped last night and we are expected to get a little snow, but nothing like what you have.