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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Turtle Trot Update

Hey Blog Buddies,

It's April and the big news is that my friend Joyce and I are going to the Nordic Needle Retreat in Fargo, ND (road trip!).  The festivities begin at 7:00p.m. on Wednesday the 9th, with a Dessert Bar, and end at midday on Sunday the 13th with a Farewell Brunch (yes, there is a lot of food involved).  In between the meals we do a lot of stitching, and I will have a recap for you after the Retreat is over.

But meanwhile, we have the Turtle Trot update, which for me this year means the once-a-month update on the progress of my (ahem) rotation.  So, here we go--first is Needle Delights Originals Winter Logs:

 last month

this month

If I can get the rest of the bottom triangle finished
before the next meeting of my ANG chapter,
I'll be all caught up.

Next, we have Cross My Heart's Mates:

last month

this month

This month's progress doesn't even look like that much to me
because it was at least one hour of stitching
(often longer) every day!
And I should have more done, don't you think?
This couple might not see too much action in April
because they are no longer being worked on every day.
That doesn't mean they've been abandoned,
just that they are going to have to find a slot in the rotation.
(Good luck, Wolfies!)

The piece that has taken their place as the once-a-day, every-day stitch is Debbie Stiehler's Autumn Pumpkin Patch, known informally around here as La Calabaza (Spanish for pumpkin).  I did this switch just a few days ago, so don't expect much.

last month

this month

This is the piece that I really want to finish next.
Each of the 16 sections is stitched five times--
they just switch locations--and it's becoming a little tedious.
I still really like the piece, just want it to be finished!
I need to find my zen place with this piece
and think more about the journey than the destination...

And speaking of finishes, I actually have one this month!
Needle Delights Originals Tangerine Twist:

last month

this month

...and a close up of one of the squares so that you can see the beads.
They are Little Charmers,
and the package had an assortment of colors, finishes and sizes.
All the directions said to do was attach them at random,
making sure that you don't get two of the same beads
next to one another!
This is only my third finish for 2014.
(And one of them was a small piece!)
That's what happens when you devote a lot of time to the BAPs.

Check out Claudette's blog, BAP Attack, 
to see what the other Turtle Trotters have been doing.

That's it from here.
Thanks for visiting!


Virpi said...

Your stitching looks great! I like especially the Mates. I think I have it as a Bucilla kit but I haven't started it. The threads need to be sorted and I hate that job.

cucki said...

Wow your stitching is looking so lovely :)
Well done
Huge hugs x

Chris said...

Have a wonderful time at the Nordic Needle! I am looking forward to hearing about it.
Congratulations on your finish, it is gorgeous, The closeup really shoes off the stitches and the beads. Winter Logs is gorgeous too.
Have fun!!!

Melody said...

Good progress on your pieces! I love the colors in the Winter logs.

Julie said...

Have a wonderful time with your friend, sounds like a wonderful trip.
Fabulous stitching, so vibrant and colourful and I think you've achieved lots this time, well done.

Denise said...

What great and beautiful stitching!Enjoy your retreat, I hope to attend that retreat someday. Sounds like a wonderful time.
Happy Stitching

Fidike said...

Everything is beautiful! Have a nice stiching retreat!

Linda said...

Congrats on the beautiful finish. Wonderful progress on the other pieces.


Barb said...
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Barb said...

Have a nice trip with your friend. I love seeing the Turtle Trot projects. I especially like the wolves. Thanks for the link to TT I went and signed up and I'm excited! I just found your blog recently and am following it.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous stitching

Silverlotus said...

On my goodness, they all look fabulous! And congratulations on the finish.

SilverThread said...

Thanks for sharing! Love your Tangerine Twist, and the Winter Logs is coming along fantastic.

Carol said...

Wonderful progress on all! I especially love that first one--the colors are beautiful together...

Have a great time at the retreat--the dessert bar alone is well worth the trip :)

Anne said...

Have fun at the retreat!! Sounds like it will be a blast. Wonderful progress on all your WIP's!!

~ Toni ~ said...

Congrats on your finish. I loved seeing the close-up of the stitches and especially the little charmers. Happy Stitching!

CathieJ said...

Wow, I love all of your gorgeous stitching. I haven't seen those square blocks before. Love them.

Shebafudge said...

Fantastic progress on your projects. They are all so lovely!