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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Flowers from my Needle

Hey Blog Buddies,

How is your May going?  I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the spring weather.  Or the fall weather, if you're farther south!

I attended a workshop on Saturday hosted by my EGA chapter and taught by Nancy Buhl, who designs canvaswork pieces under the name From Nancy's Needle.  She is a wonderful teacher, and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. 

The piece in the photo above was taught, called Flowers from my Needle.
I chose a slightly more autumnal colorway.

There was a very nice turnout--we had over 40 stitchers.

There were over 40 fabulous gift baskets, too.
In addition, everyone got a door prize.

Here is where I'm at with my piece.
It is a simple, small piece that I don't have to think about very much.
There are no laid threads.  I love it!
I wouldn't have needed to go to a workshop to figure this piece out,
but don't tell anyone.

I would love to just keep on working on this piece until it's finished,
but sadly it will have to join a throng of other pieces
on "the back burner."

The pile on that burner is getting dangerously high.

For the past few days, I've been working on
a cross stitch piece.

It's one of the Prairie Schooler Christmas Strawberries.
I hope to get this one finished today
so that I can get all three of my stitched strawberry pieces
to the finisher, who I hope to see this evening.
I'd better get cracking.

That's it for now.
Thanks for visiting!


Eva said...

Finishing the strawberries is easy! You want me to show you how?

cucki said...

So much fun :)
Gift baskets are looking so yummy..
Hugs c

Chris said...

What a great event! Such a pretty project!
I can't wait to see your strawberry finished!

Anne said...

Looks like it was a fun workshop. Love the purple flowers design you are working on. The colours are sublime! Good luck on finishing the PS strawberries!!

Julie said...

What a lot of ladies have fun stitching away.

Carol said...

What a pretty piece that will be with the colors you've chosen. So glad the class was a success :)

I'm sure the strawberry finishing will go well--I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Anne said...

Your needlework piece is looking lovely! Good work!

Sally said...

Looks like it was a wonderful event. I love the colours you chose for your piece.