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Friday, May 2, 2014

Hey Blog Buddies,
Today a friend and I had the good fortune to attend the Hinsdale Embroiderers' Guild needlework show--and what a show it was!  This guild is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  It's one of the oldest, if not the oldest guild, in the state.  It started out as a needlepoint guild, but they have branched out into all areas of needlework, quilting and even knit and crochet.  Here's a very small portion of what we saw:

This is a Libby Sturdy needlepoint design.
There were lots of her designs there--she is a member.

  There were lots of quilts.

 This is all done in beads!

Ribbon Embroidery

Hardanger with pulled threadwork

This canvaswork chocolate box was super cute!


There were several large cross stitch samplers.

Another canvaswork piece--love the lacy look!

A very cool owl done in surface embroidery

Pulled thread done on canvas!

I actually have the chart for this gorgeous piece (canvaswork).
Must start on it soon...

There were several knitted pieces.

 These canvaswork-backed chairs were an original design... was this quilt!

 And of course, blackwork.

If you're in the Chicagoland area this weekend,
do yourself a favor and go see this show.
It runs through tomorrow, May 3rd.

Hope you have a great weekend!
Thanks for visiting!


Suztats said...

Thanks for sharing some of this beautiful work--I really enjoyed the eye candy!

Melody said...

Thanks for sharing pictures. What beautiful work. The chairs are really something else!

cucki said...

Aww such beautiful work..
Thank you for sharing my dear x

Anne said...

Thanks for sharing - looks like a lovely show. Couldn't go today as I was having a good time stitching with you at the workshop! Thanks again for your help.

Chris said...

Wow, What a wonderful exhibition.
So many amazing pieces. Thanks for taking me along!

Julie said...

WOW!! what talented crafters, such a lot of lovely things to see.