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Monday, September 12, 2016

Leap Year List - September Report... and Five Giveaways

Hey Blog Buddies,
Fall is here at last in the Chicago area, and I've been thinking about what to make for my quilt guild's boutique in November.  Not as much rotation stitching has been happening this month, but I do have an exciting "finish" to show you.

I finished the C in the Prairie School alphabet,
which means that I am now done with the
A B C leaflet!  And that is an official finish.

Here they are all together.
My first row of three is done!

And that's about it for rotation stitching.
Here are the other projects I've been working on,
all for the boutique.

I did these three hardanger bookmarks.
They are from a 2011 Nordic Needle
Bookmark of the Month club.

I've been doing some knitting, too.
The top scarf is finished,
and the bottom one is about halfway there.

 I took a class at my LQS.
This bowl can be used either for dry goods
or as a bowl caddy for the microwave,
assuming all the materials used in the
construction of the bowl are cotton.
I have some white melamine bowls
that fit perfectly in this.
Hopefully, I'll have the time and inclination
to make some of these for the 
boutique, too.

And finally we come to the giveaways.
Over the weekend, our good friend Molly

had her Fifth Gotcha Day
(i.e., anniversary of adoption).
In order to celebrate,
she decreed that I do a giveaway
for each year that we've been together.
All of these charts may look familiar
to frequent readers of this blog.
So here they are:

Giveaway #1
 This is a mixed bag:
one cross-stitch sampler, one hardanger table topper
and one canvas work piece.

Giveaway #2
The prim giveaway:
Frederika by Carriage House Samplings;
A Farmer's Almanac by Prairie Schooler
(no, I'm not finished with this one, I had an extra chart); and
Serial Bowl Lesson Three
by Plum Street Samplers.

Giveaway #3
The canvas work giveaway:
two lovelies by Needle Delights Originals
and a smaller Chrismas piece by DebBee's Designs.

The cross-stitch giveaway:
a large Rosewood Manor sampler;
a small LHN Christmas ornament
and a La D Da needle roll.

Giveaway #5
Finally, there's Ink Circle's 99 and three smalls:
a bird, a pumpkin themed piece 
and a May Flip-It.
The rules are simple.
Leave a comment on this post
letting me know the number(s) of the giveaway(s)
you are interested in.
You can enter any or all of them
Unless there is a very low response,
I will limit the results
to one giveaway per entrant.
If you don't have a blog,
please add a way I can contact you.

The prizes are charts only.

I will choose winners by random number generator
on Tuesday, September 20th.
That's it!

Good luck,
and thanks for visiting!


CalamityJr said...

How kind of Molly! Thank you, sweet girl. Please ask your mommy to include me in drawings for "1 and #5

Linda said...

Lovely finishes. How nice of Molly to have such a nice giveaway. I would love to be entered in #5.


Marilyn said...

Happy 5th Gotch Day to Molly!!
All great projects, love the bowl.
I would like to enter for #4 and #5 please.

Pull the other thread said...

Love your finish, the ABC look great together. The knitting and fabric bowl look wonderful as well. Your bookmarks are sooo pretty. Congrats on 5 years with Molly. Would love a chance to be entered into your giveaway. They all look great so any is just fine by me.

Tiffstitch said...

How very nice of Molly. I would love #5, although #1 and #3 would challenge me to try new things.

Fantastic finish on the ABC booklet, that was relatively quick, so I hope it continues that way. Your bookmarks are lovely, and a very interesting bowl!

Rita JG said...

Oh, my!
I love love the PS alphabet!
Would like to enter all five of the giveaways if possible.
Happy birthday to your dog!

bab5313 said...

Thanks for the giveaways - I'm partial to #3 and #5.

Justine said...

What a lovely post - your hardanger is so neat! I love that bowl too, great idea perfectly executed.
Please don't include me in your giveaway as I'm trying to reduce stash - but please wish Molly a happy Gotcha day.

Eva said...

Thanks for the giveways! I am partial to #1 and #3

Happy Baker said...

Love the finishes! You will have to teach me the knitting - I love those!!

2,3 or 4 - but I really don't need anymore projects......

Mouse said...

awwww Molly , thank you for thinking about us and congratulations on your five years ....
Mum you have been busy with the stitching too and love that bowl :)

could I be entered into giveaways 2 and 4 please :) love mouse xxxx

wanda said...

Happy gotcha day!! I'm quite partial to 2 thru 5 so any of those would be great!


Carol said...

Your PS ABC's WIP is looking fabulous! I keep thinking that, some day, I will get around to doing the whole thing, but I don't know... Love the idea of the fabric bowl, too!

How nice of Molly to offer these pretty charts. I will pass, though, as I have way, way too many unstitched ones in my own stash :) I'm sure you'll have some very happy recipients, though!

Julie said...

The hardanger bookmarks are stunning, love those. Lots of lovely things in this post. Good luck to all who enter you lovely giveaway, i'll pass this time as I have lots and have not been stitching so much recently.
Great bowl, that's clever.