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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Exciting News!

Did that get your attention?  
No, I haven't won the Lotto or 
had a date with Channing Tatum,
but I am halfway done with the background
on my blackwork piece.
Well, I think it's exciting...

After the background is completed,
I'll still have some shading to do on the petals,
and then I'll be done.
But it's a very, very slow process.

And just in time for May...
I've developed a renewed appreciation for Aida cloth.
I began my cross stitching life using Aida cloth,
and then abandoned it for linen.
I belonged to the group who had "moved beyond" Aida.
But now Aida comes in so many pretty colors --
the above is an over-dyed piece from Picture This Plus --
and it is so easy to work with and hide your thread ends,
that I've started using it again.
I wish I had chosen it for my blackwork piece!
The pattern is from Hands on Design's
A Year of Celebrations leaflet.

Here's Heart in Hand's Checker Bird...
I used the called-for colors,
but changed the bead color to red,
because I didn't think the included white beads
would show up on my... 
light-colored Aida cloth.
Am I being a reverse snob?
Just slap me if I am.

I don't think I've mentioned it here,
but for the longest time I've wanted
to get one of Charley Harper's
designs for needlepoint.
They are painted canvases and,
therefore, very pricey.
So I not only had a birthday in March,
but I had a 20-percent-off coupon from
my local needlepoint store, too.
The perfect storm.
I was planning on buying only one,
but I couldn't decided between these two...

I have a thing for birds.
And there were a lot of bird designs to choose from.
It's a miracle I was able to
whittle it down to just two.
If you're not familiar with Charley's wonderful designs,
you can google Meredith Collection
to see what I was up against
in picking just one two.
They all make me smile.

Last but not least,
I've been doing so many colorful pieces lately
that I had a desire to do something
a little bit more drab.
Enter my only other WIP at present...
...Kathy Barrick's Good Intentions.
This fills the bill for drab!

That's it for now.
Thanks for stopping by.


Carol said...

Well, to me that is exciting news, too, Pat! Half-way on that very intricate looking design is reason to celebrate :)

Your little May piece on the over-dyed Aida is lovely and the red beads on the bird by Heart In Hand are perfect. I think I like them better than if you had used the red.

Charley Harper's designs are so recognizable--I think you chose wisely :)

Happy May to you!

Linda said...

Wonderful progress on everything. Congrats on the adorable finishes.


Rita said...

Sooo much beauties here as usual. Love the birdies too!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Blackwork piece is gorgeous and congratulations on getting to the halfway point. Your May finish along with the Checkerbird finish are super. I don't think you are a reverse snob about the return to Aida. My motto is to stitch with the materials that bring you happiness. I really like the Aida fabrics from Picture This Plus and have been doing some stitching using it. Look forward to seeing your Charley Harper pieces underway.

Rhona said...

That is exciting news! The Blackwork design is amazing and i can only imagine how time consuming it must be, but well worth all your hard work.
Congrats on the other finishes....they are lovely too!

Julie said...

The blackwork looks very elegant and so pretty, its wonderful.
I've been using aida again too, its stiffer for little ornaments and sometimes adds to the look of the finished piece having the holes enhanced.
Pretty new birdies.

Donna G. said...

Lots of pretty projects! I Love the blackwork.

gracie said...

Wonderful projects.

Astrids dragon said...

Great progress, so close!
Such sweet finishes, I love the bird.
I'm looking forward to seeing your needlework birds, very nice.