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Monday, May 9, 2011

Making Progress

Good Afternoon, Gentle Blog Readers

This will be a quick little post today to show you the progress I've made on the Soar SAL.

As you can see, it's coming along.  Brenda says that this Friday will be the last time she will post photos of everyone's SAL on her blog, and I don't see this being done by then.  There are large leaves, small buds, a flag and flagpole, another horse, the roof and windows of the grainery, two rabbits, the year, 21 more letters of the alphabet and everyone's eyes, in addition to the small part of the river that remain unstitched.  (I haven't been obsessing about this very much, have I?)  This week will be a busy one, with trips or meetings or errands every day.  I'll give it a shot, but it will take a miracle for this to be finished by Thursday at 9:00 p.m. CDT - the SAL deadline!  I hope you're not getting the idea that I'm competitive, or anything like that....    (smile)

I leave you with this photo of the brave little apple tree in our side yard:

I had to take a photo of it.  I was so excited to see that it actually bloomed this year.  It's got one or two dead limbs--several have already been removed.  We're lucky if it blooms every third or fourth year.  But it's such a trooper that I would hate to get rid of it.  You go, Tree!

As always, thanks for visiting, and may all your trees bloom.

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Sally said...

I love how Soar is looking. It's so pretty.