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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Small Finish

Good Evening Dear Blog Readers,

I recently realized that May was over half over and I hadn't made even one Christmas ornament yet.  Not wanting to put this off and go coocoo crazy in October, I decideded to remedy the situation.

The above is Frosty Flakes, a 2010 ornament of the month by Little House Needleworks.  Their sample was stitched on 30-count linen and all I had in my stash was 28-count.

It finished up a wee bit large, in my opinion, for an ornament, so I might have a doorknob hanger made from it.  I have two other LHN ornament patterns which I intend to stitch on 32-count.

I used small black beads for the eyes of the bird and snowman, and the buttons on the snowman.  And as I'm looking at this photo, I just realized that I forgot to add the fringe on the scarf!  Well, we need to remedy that situation right now, don't we?

There, now it's finished!
(The overcast sky now is making the colors look a little weird.)

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and if you're celebrating Memorial Day, have a good holiday on this first official weekend of summer.


Laura said...

Darling! This reminds me that I need to crank out a couple of Christmas ornaments soon!!!!

Sally said...

Oh I love this one! It is so cute.

Lelia said...

Good Morning: this is a lovely ornament! Beautifully stitched.