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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Girl Can Change her Mind, Can't She?

Hey Blog Buddies,
I believe I mentioned that I had started stitching my last holiday gift recently.  Well I finished it, and guess what--I've decided to keep the newly stitched piece and make another one for my friend (we are not getting together until January 4th, more than enough time to finish another piece).

Anyway, the piece I was originally going to give to her had a couple of errors in it.  I'm sure she wouldn't notice them, but I would know that they were there.  Here is a photo of the finished piece:

This is "Winter" (aptly titled)
from a leaflet by Lizzie Kate
entitled "Winter Crazy."
The ground is the called-for
30-count WDW Morris Blue.
I grabbed whatever DMC threads
in my stash that
I thought would work.

(No, I'm not going to
point out the errors!)

There is another design in the leaflet
that is all about snow
(which she loves and I definitely don't).
I'm stitching that for her now.

Hope everyone had time for stitching
during the long holiday weekend.

Thanks for visiting!


Sharon said...

It's very pretty!

Siobhan said...

I think it looks great! Congratulations!