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Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Very First Ornament

Hey Blog Buddies,

I admire those bloggers who post their vintage stuff complete with name of design and designer, type of linen and floss and even start and finish dates!  I must admit that I was very bad about keeping track of what I made and when I made it before I started this here blog.  I never took photos back then, either.  I do, however, have an educated guess about what was the very first Christmas ornament that I made.

This was made not too long
after we got our first dog--
Maxine, a basset--
on July 30, 1976.
That date I do remember!
I don't remember
ever making any ornaments
prior to that.

I can tell you that it's
crewel embroidery on felt
(the long and short stitch with
French knots for the hat fur).
Crewel was BIG in the 70's
for those of you
too young to remember.

What was the first ornament you made?

Thanks for visiting!


Karen said...

I love this, the dog looks very realistic and you did an excellent job with the embroidery!

Moonsilk Stitches said...

Your crewel puppy is beautiful! I began making loads of ornaments each year while in high school--I still have one made from gold-painted cardboard egg carton pieces. But stitching...The first I remember making was Hardanger from a class taught by Aina at the Scandinavian Boutique. Our first piece was a small Hardanger square shape. We made two and finished them as an ornament. I decided I hated buttonhole stitch and designed my next projects to avoid it. (that attitude changed dramatically over the years)

Sharon said...

What a great ornament! It's fun to look back and remember.

Cindy said...

I wish that I would have kept track of everything that I have stitched over the years. I do still have my first stitched ornament from 1981.