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Friday, February 24, 2012

Designer's Desk Revisited

Hey Blog Buddies,

First of all, thanks so much for all the love for my Uptown Stitcher!  I really appreciate all of your kind comments.  She and I had a love-hate relationship for a long time, but now it seems to be turning into love-love.

On Tuesday, I met my GF Joyce at Designer's Desk, and I remembered my camera this time!  She lives not too far away from "the Desk" and had never been there.  (Yes, she is a stitcher, too.)  We meet periodically for lunch and it seemed like a good reason for me to go back there and introduce her to the place.  Plus, I needed to get Ms. Uptown Stitcher finish-finished and they, of course, will do that for you, too.

As you can see, the store occupies 
an entire 2-story house, with a basement--
three levels jam packed with stitchy goodness.
And, everything in the basement was still 75% off!

I was fascinated by the thread wall,
so most of my photos are of that.
You should be able to see that the wall
is actually five walls deep!

And there are more threads on the other side!

(also several levels deep!)

Here is only a part of the basement:

I didn't even take any photos on the second floor!
You get so busy just looking at stuff and drooling
that you forget you have a camera in your purse.
Joyce's reaction to the shop was:
"My head is spinning!"
(in a good way)

Here are my purchases from the second floor
where they have many ready-made frames
and custom-made frames, too, in one of the rooms.
(There are a lot of rooms upstairs.)
These are for my smaller pieces, 3x5, 4x4, 5x5...

The rest of my haul was all from the basement.
I didn't even feel guilty because at 75% off
it's a lot like shopping at Dollar Tree.

One Spring, four Christmas/Winter and
a couple of assorted non-seasonal designs.

Joyce brought along her girls, who are such cuties!
Sadly, they had to stay in the car:

Molly's buddy Lexi, the calm, older lab/GWP.

And Abbey, the lab/wire-haired ??
She is newly adopted and I'm told she is a "handful"
but she seemed very sweet.
Molly hasn't had the pleasure of meeting her yet.

It was a wonderful trip--hope you enjoyed the tour.
And thanks, as always, for visiting.


Anne said...

That place looks amazing!!! Wow! My head would be spinning too! I wouldn't know where to start!! Thanks for sharing the photos with us! Love the doggies!!

cucki said...

wow the place is looking so beautiful..thank you for sharing..
big hugs xx

Beth Pearce said...

Okay - it is about six hours from here to Chicago, if I left the house at six am, I could get there by noon, shop for two hours, and get home by eight...oh, I guess DH would notice I was gone - bummers. But, the next time we go visitingin Chicago, I am going to want to know where that shop is!! Thanks for teasing, I mean sharing.

Ruth said...

Drool drool....oh sorry am still drooling over the pics..all that thread...all those floors...ALL that stash lol..I love your frames and charts you got. :)

Rhona said...

That's heaven! I think I might just pack my bags and move!

Veronica said...

I can see why Joyce's head was spinning. Mine is too from just looking at the photos. I absolutely love the layered thread walls. Drooooool...!


Happy Baker said...

GF here - the place was amazing, everything and anything you might want or need is there I am sure of it; we spent a lot of time downstairs where everything was 75% off (that is where I bought my stuff), then Pat took me to 3rd floor, then to main floor - WOW is all I can say! If you are in the area it is worth the trip (or perhaps make a trip out of it if you live far away, Geneva is a nice town to stroll, shop and eat). Pat is my inspiration to keep on stitching!!

Mangogirl said...

Aww cute dogs! I wish I was near you! Such a fun store